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About me – from Retail to Renewable Energy and helping people save their homes and becoming independent. I would like to share with you why I writing this website about Renewable Energies.

You probably know building a website really is hard work. Sure, putting up a website is a very easy thing to do.

In the last year or so I put up some websites within minutes. But what is the worth of a website if nobody reads them? Why bother with the content creation?

So since I wanted to make a business with my deep interest in Renewable and Free Energies, my belief that we could be so much better off financially if we just knew how to use free or nearly free power…which is absolutely abundant around us.

Oh, you live on the North Pole? Ok, yes there are times you won’t get far with Solar Power. And other Renewable Energy like Geothermal may be not so easy to find, too.

But Einstein claimed that even in outer space with nothing there still is power, the so called Zero Point Energy.

So where ever you may be right now, you can go off grid and save lots of money. We just have to find the tool or solution for you 🙂

This is what the website is about: How can I and you save money on the utility bill, big time?

Sorry I put the “I” first, but I am no trained performing industry energy expert. No, I am for years “only” deeply interested in these possibilities and started using them only very recently… and still am in the process of learning. So “I” have to be a step ahead of you first 🙂

So next to my studies in Naturopathy, I am building this website as my ethical, new energies business.

Many of the links to other websites are or will be affiliate links, meaning that I earn a commission if you buy there.

But only if you keep the product. So whatever I find interesting or useful for myself, may be for you to test it, too. But not necessarily. If I am wrong…my business doesn’t prosper.

So to finance this website I have to come up with really useful money and energy saving tips and ideas.

Or you will just return the books and products…

Oh, yes, about me. I am an Economist having worked for ages in retail and marketing for retail and insurance.

I was never really happy. I always wanted to do something more creative, more ethical, more intriguing with more technology and adventures.

You could say that as a big “Science Fiction” fan I always dreamed of doing “Science Faction”…

I hope that is why you are here, too?

Explore the new dispensation, the new possibilities…and save money by doing that?

and we are just beginning…

Enjoy and Save!



PS.: If you want to drop me a line use my Contact Me form. If you want to add your personal energy Science Faction story, please use the “Share Your Story” possibility on many of my pages…

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