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Above Ground Solar Pool Heater – how to get a Swimming Pool Solar Water Heater

Above Ground Solar Pool Heater

So you own an above ground pool? Looking for an above Ground Solar Pool Heater?

Then it makes absolute sense to think about an above-ground-solar-pool-heater.

Above ground pools are often smaller (smaller surface) than in-ground pools and loose heat more easily than in-ground pools.

So since the surface of the pool is smaller you need also less solar collectors to heat up the pool.

Btw.: I really urge that you – if you haven’t already – get above ground solar pool covers or solar pool rings, because these lower your energy need up to 50 %!

Less energy need, less costs for your utility or the solar pool heater installation.

You should also think about putting a fence around your pool as a windbreak.

So, now that we have covered the cheap and simple pool energy saving basics, let’s see how we can employ the sun to heat your pool for free.

One great company for Above Ground solar Pool heaters is “Enersol”.

The other the is “Sungrabber”, in my opinion also one of the best systems for above-ground pools.

Rob, the owner of, told me:

You can use the Enersol for an above ground pool, sure. But if the panels are mounted on the roof, a larger pool pump may be needed to push the water up there. The Enersol panels can be mounted on a fence or laid directly on the ground like most a/g systems are. The main benefit of the Enersol is it’s material, made of a soft, neoprene like rubber, as opposed to the hard plastic material of the Sungrabber. Lasts longer, transfers a bit more heat.

So both systems have slight advantages and disadvantages.

When in doubt, contact Rob directly.

In case you are thinking about building a Solar Pool Heater yourself, have a look at Build a Solar Pool Heater

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