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Advantage of Renewable Energy

What actually is the Advantage of Renewable Energy?

There are many, but for me the main Advantage of Renewable Energy is that you can use it at home. You will not be allowed to build a nuclear power plant in your garden (nor would you want to) or a coal/oil plant.

Even if you were, the bans and rules to run such a plant (even a small (nuclear 🙂 ) plant) would be immense, you had to install security measures making this a very non-lucrative venture.

And what would your neighbors say to that :)?

No, just kidding, there is no way to produce conventional energy at home, the energy must normally be produced in a big centralized plant and then distributed.

That’s the way it is and that is why you are depending on the grid and on the oil price. With Non Renewable Energy Sources you just cannot get off the grid and the dependency (and even if you install a natural-gas powered generator at home, you still would need the natural gas supply).

But with the clean energies from Renewable Sources you can! Heck, this is what the website is about. The end of the paternalism of big utility companies. But again, this won’t be easy.

I am sure that Oil prices and rising electricity bills will sooner or later let every consumer ask him/herself if they should switch to the clean, non-polluting energies, which can be installed independently at home!

The Advantage of Renewable Energy is Indepence

So what about the Type of Renewable Energy?

Well, I would say Solar Energy is installed pretty easily. Be it as solar energy used passively or solar energy used actively, the investment and return can pretty quickly be calculated, checked for potential energy tax credits and the solar panels installed.

This seems a bit more complicated with Wind Energy.

It seems that the windmills need a certain height and size to produce enough energy, so this would not be suitable for every backyard.

The same with Geothermal Energy. I am sure there will be system available pretty soon which allow for a shallow hole in the ground to work. Right now this is always a big deal to install these systems.

Since I believe that Geothermal Energy will be part of our off-grid future, I will research further into this topic.

Right now the drilling alone is up to 30.000 USD alone, and the geothermal heat pump is about 2.500 USD/ton capacity. A normal home will need about 3 tons alone.

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