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Advantages of Geothermal Energy

The Advantages of Geothermal Energy

There are many Advantages of Geothermal Energy, but how we can apply these for our Homes and save money in the process (more about the disadvantages or problems about geothermal power)?

Earth’s Power for Homes

  • Once you installed the Geothermal system and tapped into Earth’s unlimited power supply, you are provided with absolutely free Energy
  • You become independent from the coming unreliability of the public Grid
  • Geothermal Power can both be used to created heat and electricity
  • Geothermal Power is ideal for residential heating purposes
  • Can also be used for cooling your home
  • Geothermal Energy can either be “harvested” by huge “farms”, creating Megawatt of power, or residentially, with a rather small installation in your garden to heat your home
  • The less energy is needed (like just for your home), the less complicated the setup is (no need for drilling deep)
  • With residential application and using advanced technologies, digging only a few feet/meters deep is sufficient for powering and heating your home
  • Cheap and reliable source of heat in the coming times of Global Cooling (see Navigation on the left for more info)
  • Waste free
  • Emission free, no CO2, no Carbon Footprint – especially when used in combination with Solar Panels
  • 24/7 reliable energy production
  • DIY residential installations possible

Since the Geothermal Energy already contributes 0.3 % to the worldwide need for electricity today, I am sure with future lower-risk-technologies this percentage will rise dramatically.

Advantages of Geothermal Energy Plant
1600 m (53000 ft) deep wells are used to supply Iceland’s capital Reykjavik with geothermal heated water

Already more advanced, modern plant systems – avoiding the risks of older technologies – have been in use for more than 25 years on more than 450 bore-holes.

The most famous Geothermal Energy plant is located at “The Geysers” (CA, USA), which is the biggest worldwide – since 1960.

Earth’s Power Potentials

I do believe in decentralization, so that every homeowner has his own small Geothermal Energy plant for his home use…then there is no need to drill that deeply, because a house has far less power demand than – say – the city you live in. It is better to drill many shallow and secure holes than one big and miles deep).

Also the risk – financially and geologically – with residential drilling would also be dramatically lower.

Small Ice age Coming?
Small Ice Age coming?

Since I do believe – as I said I am a contrarian – that we won’t see more of global warming but a global cooling (small ice age), concepts of clean and “free” energy production for everyone locally will be mandatory.

Yes, I know that the idea that we will get a global cooling will have many people laugh about me or even call me names…let’s speak again in 15-25 years.

For me personally residential Geothermal Energy is the energy of the future – for everyone.

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