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DIY Build Solar Panel – Save Money and make your own Solar Power for Homes: Hello and Welcome to this Chapter of my Site called DIY Build Solar Panel.

So how can we assemble our own Solar Panels for our Homes and Save on the Utility Bills?

Why would you want to build a DIY Solar Energy System?

Since most Solar Power Systems come with a hefty price tag, the Return on Investment is often pushed into the next decade(s). This means the installation is so expensive up front that adding what you save per year still needs 14 or even 21 years until it amounts to what you paid for the Solar Energy system in the first place. Not to mention that – as an economist – we have to take to “opportunity costs” into calculation.

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Our Topic: Build Solar Panel

Meaning that if you put ie. that money on a safe (ok, what is safe nowadays?) bank account you would accumulate interest. But if you invest this money in a solar installation, the “only” interest this amount of money accumulates is what you save on energy every year. So, it seems that buying a Solar Power system is very expensive, even if we do not take these “opportunity costs” into consideration.

And therefore, you often read that the “return on investment” of a Solar installation often is decades later in the far future. Well, yes, but it really depends how you look at it and if you expect dramatically rising energy prices – or not. Ok, but that is not the topic here. What I agree on is that the amount of money you have to put on the table up front, before having saved on penny or cent, is quite big.

So, if you have a soft side for DIY, what can you do to save a lot of money even before you start saving on the energy bill? I do believe most of my readers are interested to know how they can get a Solar Power for Homes system (that page is about non DIY) without the high cost preventing most from turning solar.

So now how about building your own Solar System?

Yes, you can.

I’ll show you how.

Get help for anything high Voltage

But one caveat: Whenever you get close to grid power, you must consult a Pro! This is highly dangerous.

If you connect anything to the grid, for that small amount of time that takes you must hire a Pro.

So you will need a Pro at least for about one hour to connect (when you use the grid as your battery) or disconnect your home from the energy grid.

This takes a Pro about an hour.

But you can do everything else, like build solar panel etc.

And save a lot of money doing that.

Build Solar Panel

So let us begin.

What you need most is something to “catch” the solar rays and make electricity from them (= an active use of Solar Energy)

This something is called Solar Panels.

Or actually it’s solar cells combined to Solar Panels. So in

build solar panelBuild Solar Panel

I give you information how you can start to build your own solar panels.

Also check out all this “Did you know” with facts and information about how to

solar energy facts for build solar panelMake Solar Panels

As mentioned, Solar Panels consist of many combined Solar Cells.

If you want to build your own Solar Panels you need Solar Cells first.

So let us start with them.

It is possible to even build your own Solar Cells. Heck, even kids could do it:

Kids making your Solar Cells

If you are interested in the basics of a solar cell and have some donuts handy or want to show your children

kids making solar cellshow to make solar cells

, look no further…

Solar Cells for Sale

If you do not want to “cook” your own Solar Cells because your spouse wants to eat the donuts you should look out for Solar Cells for Sale.

Find yourself a bargain.

So you are in the market right now to buy solar cells? Decide if you want to go for un-tabbed cells or tabbed, saving you time but more expensive.

You should also learn about the Solar Cell Manufacturers to see which give you the best value in different categories.

DIY Solar Power

In Homemade Solar Panel I give instructions how to build your own DC Solar Panel.

what you also need is an inverter, which switches DC (direct current) to AC (Alternating Current) – what your appliances in your home need.

Here is an overview about how to install the solar panels.

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If you are interested in doing most of the off grid conversion yourself, have a look at DIY Solar Power

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