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Build Solar Panels – ‘Did you know’? Save on your Solar Power for Homes

Build Solar Panels the Clever Way

Yes, You Can build Solar Panels for your Home the DIY way…some of these money saving tips though you might have not heard about.

So you want to give the DIY way to Build Solar Panels a try?

Great, I am really sure that you are able to save a lot of money doing this, so that it makes economic sense much sooner.

As we have already seen, a Solar Panel consists of solar Cells, which are combined.

Depending on how much solar power you need (solar ipod charger or solar power for homes) you have to create different amounts of voltage or amperage.

Here is the first trick:

Did you know that putting (for example) five 1-volt/1-amp solar cells in parallel you will have only one volt but five amps of power output.

But if you connect these five solar cells in series you get the opposite effect: The cells create five volt but only one amp of power.

Now calculation the Watts you generate is easy: Just multiply the Volts by the Amps and you get the Watts created. So the formula is V*A=W

In both our cases 5W are produced … not too hard, um?

You wanna know how much power you need to generate? For Solar Power for Homes did you check out the Article on Solar Panel Cost?

Build Solar Panels: Did you know…?

Did you know that it makes sense to buy solar cells with the wiring already attached?

Though these are a bit more expensive, you may very well still save on them since there is no risk of damaging the thin solar cells in the soldering process – very easily done.

Did you know that most solar panels come with a 20-30 years warranty? Because they have no moving parts, they are nearly unbreakable.

Solar Panels were first used in deep space probes, to power the systems. So Solar Panel Durability was a prerogative from the first modules on.

So you can expect your built Solar Panels to have a similar life expectancy.

How long does your conventional oil-heating last?

Or the nuclear plant in your area?

Did you also know that there are different types of Solar Power for Homes Systems? You can combine the DIY-built solar Panels system with your existing installation in any way you want.

Did you know that you can offset 0-100% of the utility bill with solar power, have a grid tied solar system or an off-grid installation.

Many solar systems power a battery, so you can be sure that you are never out of energy, even if the sun does not shine.

Did you know that you should install your diy solar panels system with good southern exposure [if you are living in the northern Hemisphere that is, so vice versa in – say – Australia ;)]

Be sure to install the panels in an easily accessible manner – though they are nearly maintenance-free, you still should be able to access them, for example to clear the snow off them.

And you should also make sure to install them close – very close – to your home, because with every meter in distance power is lost in the wiring. So how about your roof?

Did you know that in many countries utility companies are forced to buy excess solar power from you at a guaranteed – and lucrative – price? Be sure to check it out? Perhaps it makes sense to install a solar power system bigger than needed for your personal use and sell the excessive electricity to your utility company? How do you like the idea of having the meter running backwards? 😉

Did you know that many people claim their house prices have risen dramatically with the installation of home solar power systems?

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