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Solar Pool Heating – Our Product Picks

    Ready to take the first step toward going solar? So, you’ve done your research and you know that going solar is the best choice for your pool heating needs. You’re ready to start shopping for solar pool heating products! But where do you begin? The product choices that you can find online are…

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Solar Heating For Above Ground Pools

  We mostly focus on how to harness the power of solar energy for larger, in-ground pools. But if you’re the owner of an above-ground pool, you know that it’s just as important to keep a comfortable temperature in a smaller pool as well! In this article, we’ll focus on how to choose the best solar heater…

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Solar Pool Heater Systems – Installing A Fully Solar Pool Heating System

Do you want to heat your pool using only solar energy? Would you rather complete the installation of your solar pool heater yourself, instead of paying to have it installed? Then read on to see how you can install a fully solar pool heating system all on your own! Components of a full solar pool…


Solar Pool Cover Alternatives – Solar Pool Rings and Mats

If a full-sized solar pool cover doesn’t appeal to you, you have alternatives! Solar pool rings and mats are a less expensive option for heating your pool. Plus, solar pool rings also act as insulation to prevent heat loss and evaporation overnight. They are also much easier to use and can be installed and removed by a…

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Liquid Solar Pool Covers – The Full-Time Solar Pool Covers

Do you like the idea of reducing heat loss and evaporation in your pool? Do you not want to bother with covering and uncovering your pool every time you get in? You might find the solar pool cover that’s right for you with liquid solar pool covers! What Are Liquid Pool Covers? Liquid solar pool…

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Why Invest in a Solar Pool Heater?

In most climates, you will need some form of heating for your swimming pool during the year. Historically, swimming pool owners have most often used gas pool heaters. But these can cost between $1,000 and $3,000 per year to run! How can you reduce this cost while keeping the extended swimming season you love? Invest…

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Using Solar Panels for Supplemental Heat with Gas Pool Heaters

If you are already heating your pool with a gas heater, you know how expensive maintaining a comfortable water temperature can be. But, you may not want to switch to a fully solar pool heater. Maybe your gas pool heater is a recent investment. Maybe you just want the option of a heated pool on…

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Solar Pool Blankets – Saving Money Without Extra Equipment!

If you’ve got a pool, you’re most likely already using a pool cover or blanket of some sort. Pool blankets are single pieces of protective material that cover your entire pool to keep debris, dirt, and rainwater out of the water when the pool is not in use. Pool blankets, in general, can greatly reduce…

Is Global Warming Real

Is Global Warming real? No, Global Warming is over – Why should you now think about Global Cooling? Well, since I meet you on this website, I assume you at least strongly doubt that the IPCC is correct in its doomsday predictions. Or you even believe (like many others) that Global Warming is a hoax….

Top Fuel Efficient Cars

Top Fuel Efficient Cars – How to find them with Fueleconomy.gov and make them with a Hydrogen Car Kit or the Biodiesel Centrifuge. With fuel getting more expensive every year, having Top fuel efficient cars saves a lot of money. Summary:You can visit fueleconomy if you are in the market for a new car. If…

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