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Cost of Solar Panels – How much is (DIY) Solar Power for Homes?

Cost of Solar Panels

The Cost of Solar Panels are going down. This is to be expected with expanding production. And it will even get faster with more and more people switching to renewable energies: The price per Watt goes down.

And you can choose between Retail and Do It Yourself Panels.

So how can you profit from this?

Since I am sure that your Utility bills will explode soon when the Global Small Ice Age others and I do predict (really) shows up. The whole world will need more energy.

So you’d be better of the grid, would’t you?

The Cost of Solar Panels: Retail

Though we have to take into consideration that there are different qualities to the Solar Panels, let’s investigate how you can profit from the prices going down.

The best way to compare prices of Solar Panels is to compare them by USD/watt. So we can compare different sizes and qualities just by the power output/USD.

I found a very nice actual comparison chart for Retail Solar Panels for you. At the time of this writing, the cheapest panel costs USD 1.20 per watt, the most expensive USD 3.71. That’s more than 300 %. So you see it is worth comparing.

And here you find a nice calculator to find out how much Watt output you would need at all, how much you would save and what Retail system would give you the benefit (you need more than just the Solar Panels)…

By the way: Did you know that for one USD you can save annually on your utility bill, it adds USD 20 to your house value…yes, solar panels make your house more sexy… watch this video:

DIY Cost of Solar Panels

For those who have a soft spot for DIY there are even better options. You can build all the system on your own, I suggest using a rather cheap handbook though. I found some some guys who very successfully (it is possible for me to check product returns, so I can see that people love the product).

Here is one of their videos:

So check these informations out, I would be happy about a feedback.

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