Definition of Climate Change – is this all a Natural Climate Change?

Definition of Climate Change: What does it mean? Why the debates?

Global Surface Temperature © NASA definition of climate change surface temperature

The raging debate whether the climate is changing or not is hard to understand for the layman. Insults are exchanged between the sides of the climate change sceptics and the believers in Anthropogenetic (manmade) Climate Change.

When people speak about climate change what they mean in nearly all cases is the so called “Global Warming”. The widely accepted theory is that the climate is changing toward a warmer planet, by that melting the poles and raising the sea levels.

Carbon Dioxide Concentration according to IPCC © NASA/IPCC definition of climate change ipcc

The theory says that man by burning fossil fuels puts unhealthy and unnatural amounts of the otherwise non-toxic gas CO2 into the atmosphere.

It is assumed that the raising amounts of CO2 have a kind on insulation effect on the earth, heat comes in but cannot go out.

And man has pushed the CO2 levels to amounts never seen in earth history.

It is said that our neighbor Venus is inhabitable because of the greenhouse-gas CO2.

So man is playing a potentially lethal game by emitting stuff and chemicals into the atmosphere and watching the results in the passenger seat.

By the way. The difference between an ice age and desert temperatures are only a few tenth degrees Celsius of world average temperature.

So we don’t know. We believe to be dependent on fossil fuels and seem to be condemned to burn them as long as we can.

And yes, the earth did get warmer in the last decades.

The debate about climate change

Now here the debate begins. Some argue that the changing climate is not man-made and just a normal occurrence.

Some point out that the climate always changes. In medieval times it was so warm that they could make wine in Britain.

A few hundred years ago it was so cold that in June they could do ice skating in London.

Some researchers claim that this little-ice-age a few hundred years ago caused the French Revolution in 1789 (because of the cold there were poor harvests and people were starving – remember the famous exclamation by later executed Marie Antoinette from Versaille’s balcony to the starving crowd: “[if you are hungry] eat cake! Well, they were lacking cake those days, too. Her misfortune – she made acquaintance with the guillotine).

So even within a few centuries the climate shows great changes.

“Eat Cake!”

The question is if our industrial age with its major pollution, deforestation and (over-)population has an extra influence on the climate or not.

Whatever is the answer, I personally do not believe it to be a good idea to pump unnatural stuff into the atmosphere. Whether climate change is a hoax or not, destroying something working perfectly (nature) by polluting cannot be a good idea.

But if those claiming that CO2 is not causing the (ever) changing climate, there is an even worse message here: what goes up naturally, must come down.

And there are more and more (heard of) scientists forecasting a climate change – a global cooling.

Now that also is a valid definition of climate change.

These scientists are still laughed at.

But I believe them.

Definition of Climate Change: What about a Global Cooling?

And look: What would a global cooling mean for us?

It would mean that we even more urgently need alternative, clean energies.

We cannot rely on fossil fuels much longer. We cannot drill more and more oil every day. We reached peak oil. Oil and gas get more expensive every day.

Now what will happen if the whole world instantly needs MORE energy to HEAT their homes?

The prices will explode and potentially the supply with sufficient fuels for every home will break down.

I would want to be mostly energy self-sufficient by then.

That would stop the pollution, save me money AND save my home.

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