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Disadvantages of Nuclear Energy – Why even Religion cannot save our children

Sure, it is great to enjoy all the Advantages of the Nuclear Technolgy…but Our culture, knowledge and technology is – as history teaches us – very fragile…man as a species will survive nearly forever, but for sure not our knowledge… No one will be able to read – say – our scriptures on gravestones two generations after the fall of our culture.

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So warning signs around waste deposits for spent nuclear fuel will not be understood a few generations after a global event. Even the icons will loose their meaning like the Egyptian icons lost theirs for us.

And between the Egyptians and us has been no major global event (though I partly believe in Graham Hancock’s claim that the Sphinx must be much older, before the area became a desert: ~11.000 BC).

Folks, we couldn’t even technically rebuild the Pyramids until very very recently (and even then no one could afford that).

And today we have no idea what they were really meant to be, despite all these career driven scholars publishing their “do not stick out” books.

But back to our topic: How can we protect our descendants from our nuclear wastes?

So some scientist researched the “sustainability of knowledge”. Your MS Word texts? Unreadable a generation from now with the the “PCs” of that time. Your DVDs? Unreadable a generation from now. Data loss and incompability of technolgy. “Funny silver things our ancestors used!”

Your books? Depending on the treatment, unreadable hundred years from now. The letters in your book? Unreadable in approximately 500-1.000 years to the then living humans. They just make no sense anymore. What is “English”? What is “German”?

disadvantages of nuclear energy
This logo will not be understood in the future – Disadvantages of Nuclear Energy

By the way, did you know that the best “technology” for saving and handing down knowledge over generations is actually creating a religion around that “knowledge”?

But even then: It is estimated that anyway a religion lasts only for about 5.000 years…nuclear waste lasts for 159.000 years …oh, and then only half of the radiation is gone…!

Then it takes another 159.000 years until half of that half is gone…and so it goes on.

Let’s say a million years until the waste is not dangerous anymore? Today we are using technology for energy creation producing toxic wastes to sustain us which will be there long after our culture will be gone – and with that all the knowledge about the dangers itself and how to cope with them

So we should think about creating a “danger, do not go there!” religion around our nuclear disposal zones…but we are so ignorant not to care about a potential loss of knowledge

And so we should absolutely rethink our nuclear energy strategy. We simply do not know how to safely – for aeons – store this waste.

And burying in salt deposits may be okay for some years, perhaps generations…but the earth does change, too! We only do not see this, because it happens over hundreds or thousands of years, not our laughable – what – 90 years.

The question is then: How to protect our children’s children..? The disadvantages of nuclear power are so immense and really uncontrollable if you care for the future in any way that we should double our efforts to not need it anymore…

Though the sad and tragic about 13.000 lifes lost caused by the Tsunami in 2011 shall not be forgotten by focussing on the following nuclear disaster in Fukushima, I am sure we will see much more nuclear catastrophes, even in our lifetimes.

There are even those who insist that even Tokyo actually must be evacuated for radiation reasons- for the next thousands of years.

Imagine that – Tokyo! One of the centers of the world. Gone.

But the economic consequences would be so unimaginable that I am sure the official radiation in Tokyo is kept low – statistically.

It must not what may not!

So: there are no Tsunamis in your country, says your local politician? And the nuclear companies donate – ahem – are so important for all the jobs they create (ever counted the heads in a nuclear plant – does not take long)?

Well, how about human causes? Terrorists? Plane crash? Murphy’s law? Earthquakes? Volcanoes? Draughts?

I suggest we better double our efforts to switch to sustainable and renewable energy sources…As Thomas Edison asked us long time ago!

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With best wishes from Germany

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