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Electric Car Conversion Kits – The Best Electric Car already in your Garage?

Electric Car Conversion Kits

Are Electric Car Conversion Kits all you need to tap into this future technology? Is it that easy? Have we broken free from the grid then?

Most important: Do you and I save money?

Well, yes there are many guides and ebooks out there claiming to show you how you switch your car to run on electricity for only some hundred bucks.

And if this is true, it would be the ideal way to break free and save. All you then had to do is to produce your own electricity for example with solar power and charge your car this way.

What makes me sceptical is that other companies claim that a switch from gas to EV (Electricity) costs some thousand dollars. You need a new motor etc.

So I don’t know yet how this difference comes about.

For example there is a “been there, done that” electric car conversion company called Grassroots EV, and the packages there are easily $5.000.

Or at Electro Automotive, a highly professional Gas to EV company being around for decades. The same here.

So I don’t know if this is really worth the effort.

If the Hydrogen Car Kit does work (as I will test myself) and my old Mercedes really shows these consumption improvements, why should I invest that much money into Electric Car Conversion Kits?

But still: A Big If!

So if this guy called Peter and others has found a unique way, perhaps this is even better than the Hydrogen Kit?

And why is it that they claim their way is so much cheaper than what seasoned companies charge?

I’ll ask the conversion companies for a statement.

So back to the cheaper manuals: Perhaps you want to take these up on their promise: They claim the kit is gonna help you eliminate your gas bill completely. Even that your IRS will hand you money for using this kit.

“Hi, my name is and I’m going to help YOU eliminate your gas bill completely. Not only that, the IRS will pay you (give you tax credits) for driving a clean fuel vehicle. My manual is going to show you everything you need to know about converting your car to run on electricity, in your very own garage or backyard. “

If you check it out let us compare results afterwards. I only have one car to convert 😉

And if you have a Electric Car Conversion Story to share, please do here:

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