Electric Car conversions kits for USD 100 are Scam

“Electric Car conversion kits for USD 100 are Scam”

Submitted Oct 11/10 By Audrey Martin, Fort Pierce, FL,USA

Dear Daniel,

Thank you for your interest..

Electric Car Conversion TurcelElectric Car Conversion Turcel

Unfortunately, those “HOW TO” books toting an EV conversion for a few HUNDRED bucks.. are a SCAM..

Steve has been converting for OVER 15 years now.

We run a full service EV Conversion shop in Fort Pierce, FL

The parts ALONE.. are several THOUSAND dollars, sooo you can see what a scam those books are.

Electric Car Conversion 914Electric Car Conversion 914

The Motor is about $1,600, the Controller $2,100 to $3,200 depending on which one you purchase… a charger is anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000!!

Batteries??? Golf Carts from $2,500 to Lithiums at a minimum of $10,000 per pack..

We are saddened by the dishonesty of those Scamers.

The Public should be aware and forewarned. !

We sell a HOW TO CD with our kits… AND we offer to “hold the hand” of anyone converting. They can AND DO call all hours of the day and night, asking Steve questions. AND we are glad to help.

We are “on the road” converting vehicles for customers across the country this summer.. First in GA,.. then CA… now in OK for another 4 weeks..then SC for a few days THEN home to Florida.

You are more than welcome to stop by our shop… see what we have going there… take a ride in one of our MANY Ev’s.

We have a Rav4, that I converted.. ( yes and OLD lady, by my self that I am very proud of).. Steve has his pick up, his Porsche that he races, my Lamborghini, a motorcycle.. our Tercel.. and several Gliders’ ready to be finished and of course the Saturn that is for sale.

We should be home by mid November..

Call for directions.. we are within 2 miles of the Turnpike exit AND 95. Both are on Rte 70/Okeechobee Rd, in Fort Pierce.

We would love to show you around our.. Green Shed. (yes, we are green… no heat or AC.. our shop is IN the woods, so dress comfortably for the weather)



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