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Electric Powered Cars – Electric Car Conversion Kit and New Electric Cars

Electric Powered Cars

Should you be looking for Electric Powered Cars yet? And what about the Electric Car Conversion Kits sold out there? Can they help us break free and save?

Well, you know that the there are two technologies competing for powering the future standard car.

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The New Electric Cars – are they really “new”?

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On the one hand, there is the “blue” Hydrogen fuel with lots of advantages. And to save money today without waiting to buy a new hydrogen or electric car, you can save a lot on your normal fuel with the car in your garage right now with a Hydrogen Car Kit.

hydrogen powered BMW cars
photo by Steve Jurvetson (flickr)


Though companies like BMW invest billions into the development of Hydrogen Cars and have great Hydrogen Vehicles to show, the public cost for installing the Hydrogen Fuel Stations may block this great technology from winning the ‘battle’.

On the other hand Electric Cars are the competition. Here a battery powers an electric engine. You can recharge the car wherever you find a power plug.

The limiting factor here is the battery itself. With today’s technology you only have a small radius until you have to recharge.

Porsche vs. Tesla Auto

Toyota Electric Cars and Tesla

And Hydrogen has a huge advantage here: To store the same amount of power found in a gallon of Hydrogen the battery with today’s technology would weigh a couple hundred pounds (which have to be moved with the car and by that consuming energy, too).

And today’s batteries need rare materials which won’t be available in huge amounts anytime soon.

So if the whole planet switches at once to Electric Cars (and we know that batteries do not last forever and have to replaced) the price will explode if the materials like Lithium can be bought on the world market at all.

Just recently Toyota spent $100 million to ensure its supply with this rare, precious material.

So perhaps BMW isn’t on the wrong track at all… if there is something abundantly available in this universe it is Hydrogen.

And the fuel stations could partly be added to the existing fuel stations. I read that already a lot of Hydrogen trucks are on our highways, that this is a safe thing to do. Actually I was a bit concerned that such a truck with one of the Space Shuttle Fuels Hydrogen may one day share her fate.

But it seems that these trucks are no more dangerous than normal petrofuel already on our highways.

So both technologies have their advantages and disadvantages.

Electric Powered Cars today

So companies are doing their bets… so one of the electric powered cars done by GM is the “Volt”, obviously because they believe this is the future. Also Toyota (the world’s biggest carmaker) builds electric powered cars.

I personally believe in the end it will come down to the ability to develop cheap, efficient batteries similar to the fuel cell developed by Bloom Energy (using only cheap silicon – just sand – instead of precious metals).

So, but this is still in the future. You have a car, right? And the bills are rising or even mounting up on all the power and fuel bills…

So what can you do today?

Electric Car Conversion Kits

Electric Powered Cars Conversion Kit
©David Magginson/Flickr

So before we are thinking about out future car using one of those clean power techniques, is there a way to convert our car into an Bill Saving Machine today?

Yes, there is:

As I have described above, you again have to decide: Hydrogen or Electric. What is your favorite way of Saving?

I personally haven’t tried saving money with my actual car gone electric it with an Electric Car Conversion Kit. I will go the Hydrogen Car Conversion Kit way.

But there is Peter Millward, who claims that the Electric Car Conversion Kits he personally developed and uses himself is the best there is. He claims that with $300 you can actually convert your car to run with Electricity.

I haven’t checked it out myself yet. But it comes with a 60 days money back guarantee. So there is no risk… if I had 2 cars, I would check it out 🙂

If you want to check it out, please report your experiences in the “share your story” section below. Thanks from all the rest of us!

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