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Free Energy Generator – Tap into Nikola Tesla’s Zero Point Energy

Why is there no Free Energy Generator?

A free Energy Generator…wouldn’t that be fantastic…no more energy bills, no more energy shortages…no more burning of fossil fuels to heat your home or run your TV?

Well, I am personally convinced that even technologies like solar or geothermal energy are just a step on the road to free energy.

As Einstein and Stern have already postulated in 1913, even places with obviously no energy – like the empty space between the galaxies – do have Energy. Nullpunktenergie – .

First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win. Gandhi

Nikola Tesla postulated that one day everybody will have free and limitless energy. We know that many of the inventions Tesla made somehow didn’t make it into our time. That a kind of “inquisition” like the church some centuries ago wiped out most of his papers and inventions – those that could threaten commercial interests?

Did you know that Tesla had massive objects flying around in his laboratory? Tesla invented anti-Gravity…we will soon reinvent it, but until now his findings are somehow lost.

Man is an inflexible creature. Especially science, an “idea” I once revered, seems to be more about vanity and vices – oh, and politics – than open minded research – at least today. I really love science – but True science.

I have a lot against many smug, arrogant and especially bribed “scientists”, who mock the very basics of open scientific research. They put fame and fortune above truth.

And what is a scientist without real financial means? Ridiculed by his colleagues. So, even if a scientist researches truthfully, he may just be shut down by the withdrawal of funds. No, the laws of Wall Street banking also apply to science today.

Sounds unbelievable? I promise you that is the way modern science works. Not only in energy research. Same in medicine, same in Climate change. Heck, even the same in the history department.

In German we have a saying: “Whose bread I eat, his song I sing.”

My grandfather was a very successful businessman. He had many studies done for the company or for the European Union advisory council he had a seat in. Whenever we discussed news about a new publicized scientific study, he just asked me: “Who paid for it?”

This “disappearance” of Tesla’s findings – kind of modern inquisition – for me was done by those who make fantastic money by others depending on them for energy. And why should “they” change that? Read the books by Jeane Manning if you want to know more.

It seems many new free energy discoveries have been made since Tesla. But once again: The inventors were suppressed, some died mysteriously and never was a ‘zero point generator’ presented, which officially worked. The story of “men in black” visiting them can be found over and over in reports about these “rogue” scientists.

But new generations of inventors moved on. On and on people claimed to “have done it”.

And why not: It is official that “free energy” is not against physical laws. My personal impression is, that it is more against economic and political interests.

But times are changing. Finally. The more people become open minded, the less suppression of new ideas is possible.

And soon Tesla will have his day. Finally! It’s about bloody time…

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