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Fuel Economy Chart, & other Fuel Saving Economy Tips and Ratings

Fuel Economy Chart

Check out the Fuel Economy Chart at the bottom of this page and get the most out of you Bucks.

But before I give you Fuel Saving tips, let me quickly say something about the idea that we have to save, save, save…

You know that I am no believer in putting all our efforts into conserving Energy. I believe than science and innovation can give man unlimited power in the not too far future.

And the technologies are there, it just takes time to accept and implement them.

But today you probably have a great car using standard technologies, and you are hit by the rising fuel costs… What can you do?

Firstly, I again suggest you check out the Hydrogen Car Kit option. And though or because I am an affiliate I say this because I am convinced that it will reduce your cost of fuel and increase your MPG. I also suggest to you the highest quality product I could find…. please great Tracey from me (Daniel)…thanks!

So, this is in my opinion one of the most important fuel saving tips and it is for some reason nearly unknown.

If you are in the market for a car right now, choosing the right model is very important, too. Check out for more information.

Next to that, idling your car does not really make sense, does it? In times when fuel was cheap it didn’t matter, but now every gallon counts. So idling your car while you talk to your neighbor or mow the lawn costs you.

A rule of thumb I learned that if you are going to stand still for more than 30 seconds (ie. railway crossing), it is efficient to turn the engine off and save money by that.

Courtesy EPA/DOE/ Fuel Economy Chart Saving Tips

Observe the speed limit—each 5 MPH you drive over 60 MPH can reduce your fuel economy by 7-8%.

Hitting the gas violently and then the brakes will cost you fuel and perhaps your Co-Driver. Try to anticipate stops and do not accelerate then.

Are your tires flat? That costs you fuel – the DOE/EPA suggests:

“keep them aligned, balanced and pressurized as suggested by the producer. The manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure can be found on the tire information placard and/or vehicle certification label located on the vehicle door edge, doorpost, glove-box door, or inside the trunk lid.”

Here is the 2010 guide to buying a fuel efficient car giving fuel saving tips.

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