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GM Hydrogen Cars – GM’s future in Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Vehicles and Cars?

GM Hydrogen Cars – is GM’s future in Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Vehicles and Cars?

Can you think instantly of any GM Hydrogen Cars?

I couldn’t. When I think of GM and Alternative Powertrains I think of the Volt. But the Volt is an Electric Vehicle.

©Randy Stern/Flickr GM Hydrogen Cars Chevrolet Equinox Fuel Cell

With the battle about the future fuel (Hydrogen or Electricity) going on, it seems GM is betting its future on Electric Cars.

But wait, ever heard of the Chevrolet Equinox fuel cell electric vehicles?

They are doing the right thing and develop both technologies to be able to adapt once it becomes clear which fuel will be dominant in the future. This is clever because the “dominant” future fuel will have a much better acceptance and refill possibilities on the road.

On their website, GM says this about their Hydrogen strategy:

“GM continues to see hydrogen fuel cells as the best long-term solution for reducing dependency on oil. Our goal is to design and validate a fuel cell propulsion system by 2010 that is competitive with current combustion systems on durability and performance, and that ultimately can be built at scale affordably. We are a leader in developing fuel cell technology and have demonstrated our fuel cell vehicles around the world. In 2007, we launched the largest market test of fuel cell vehicles in the world called, “Project Driveway.” This entailed the loan of 100 Chevrolet Equinox Fuel Cell vehicles to every day drivers, celebrities, and other dignitaries to gauge interest, consumer reaction, and vehicle performance. “

I personally have the impression that GM is internally betting on Electricity as the future

So the Chevrolet Equinox is a Fuel Cell powered Vehicle. A Hydrogen Fuel Cell. But in the end it is an electric car, since the fuel cell does produce… ? Yes, electricity.

And depending on the fuel cell (and the fuel tanks construction) other fuels could be used, like Natural Gas.

So for me the Equinox isn’t only a Hydrogen Vehicle. Ok, the way it is constructed right now it is, but depending on the fuel cell different options for the fuel could be possible.

I believe that GM is playing it clever here, since I assume that the Electric Cars will win that battle.

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