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How to go green with solar energy?

How to go green with solar energy?

Luckily, Solar Energy today is playing a growing role in everybody’s life.

Be it a home, office, a factory or a RV somewhere in the desert, solar energy can be used everywhere to Go Green and save energy.

Consider a typical home: There are many home appliances that consume major portion of your total electricity consumption. If we list them in the order of highest energy guzzlers to the lowest, at the top of the list will be your

  • water heating
  • space heating
  • space cooling
  • and – last but not least – the

  • pool water heater
  • .

And at the bottom of the list will be your other appliances like the

  • dish washer
  • microwave
  • electric cooker
  • washing machine and
  • lights
  • .

    Now the question is: What is the best way to go green using solar energy and by that reduce the consumption of non-renewable, conventional energy?

    For this, it is important to understand that there are two major forms of energy that are consumed by our typical home:

  • one is called thermal energy and is the energy used for water heating and space heating and
  • the other is electrical energy which is used to power your household electrical appliances
  • .

Based on the form of energy required the loads in the house have to be classified into these two categories:

  • Thermal Solar Technology converts the sunlight directly into heat energy
  • Solar Photo-voltaic Technology converts the sunlight directly into electricity
  • .

    The products which are used in homes are based on either of the two technologies.

    • Solar Water Heaters, Pool heaters and Space heaters are based on solar thermal technology where in the sunlight falling on an absorber surface is directly converted to heat energy and is used to heat either Water or Space.
    • Solar Heating system manufacturers / suppliers in your city can be contacted and they can visit your house to make a perfect assessment of your thermal energy requirements and recommend the most optimal, economical and efficient system.

    By using Solar Thermal systems you can reduce your gas or electricity consumption which otherwise you would have used to run your boilers.

    This is the “passive use of Solar Energy”.

    In a way it is a direct way to use solar power.

    Whereas solar pv off-grid and grid-tie systems based on solar PV (photovoltaik) technology like Solar Panels convert the sunlight directly into electricity and can be designed to power your electrical appliances.

    This is also called the “active way to use Solar Power”.

    How can you personally go green with Solar Energy now?

    The easiest and most reliable way is to ask a specialized company in your area to assess your electrical needs, analyze the pattern of your electrical usage and come out with the optimal and economical solution.

    Make sure it comes with a guarantee.

    They will also give you the details about feeding excess power generated into the grid for which you will be suitably compensated as per the local Feed-In-Tariff and Net metering law. By that the meter will run backwards, figuratively speaking.

    And green energy you produced but didn’t need is pushed where it is needed.

    The more people do this, the more conventional plants can be switched off.

    But back

    Another advantage using a Solar PV system in your house is that you can incorporate a very smart control system which is programmable and you can clearly define the start time and the end time your appliance has to operate or for how many hours it has to operate.

    This smart control system gives you a flexibility to set the operation sequence of each of your appliance and you don’t have to remember to do things. This way the system is highly optimized.

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