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How does Geothermal Energy work better? An idea…

How does Geothermal Energy work better?

How does Geothermal Energy work better? Right now Geothermal is very expensive, needs massive installation or risks earthquakes – why is this following idea not considered?

What makes Geothermal energy so expensive?

It is so expensive (and risky and debated) because you need to drill very deeply for commercial plants. The deeper you drill, the hotter earth becomes.

And since most geothermal plants are huge steam engines, you need a lot of heat to create the steam. Simple.

But – and I would ask you for your opinions – as far as I know most systems use water to create steam. We know that water has a boiling point of 100° Celsius. At this temperature water changes to steam and can power a steam engine to create electricity.

I wondered why we do not employ another substance to turn to steam. The Russians even used metals for their nuclear reactors (some metals boil at very low temperatures).

But I haven’t found a geothermal concept that uses other “fuels” than water to generate electricity by turning to steam.

To heat up water to 100° Celsius we have to drill very deep into the earth. This is very expensive, has a high risk that the venture fails (the investor loses his money) and we drill through earth layers where I am not sure if this could destabilize the earth’s crust.

So I am waiting for concepts – which we will see pretty quickly – which use another “fuel” (liquid which turns to steam) like bromine (bromine is hard to work with, I am sure there are better chemicals). But the idea is that the low boiling point of bromine (about 58° Celsius) requires less deep holes (less temperature) to turn liquid bromine into steam and propel the turbines.

This would really boost the effectiveness and profitability of Geothermal Energy.

Have you heard of a technology like that? Please comment below:

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