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How to make Solar Cells – A guide to make not buy Cheap Solar Cells: Yummy!

How to make Solar Cells

How to make Solar Cells – food, ahem thought guide to Solar Power and Education.

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A Solar Cell is the smallest building block of any Solar Collector or Solar Plant.

A Solar Panel as the building block next in size is composed of a multitude of Solar Cells.

And even if you look for Solar Panels for Sale or Solar Cells for Sale you might be interested if there is a way to start saving at the basic building block of the solar power generation: The Solar Cell.

And for parents and teachers this might also be pretty interesting to show how a Solar Cell can be build McGuyver style… if you are not too hungry that is.

So enjoy and start to make up your mind about food for power or for thought tonight ;)! Below I show you some alternative ways to build your own solar cell…

Nice, isn’t it?

So the main ingredient is titanium dioxide (TiO2…oh, you just ate it up…

Ok, these guys demonstrate how to build a solar cell..though less yummy.

This time they use copper to build the Cell…

And also this gentleman uses copper to show how to make solar cells…

A similar technique using salt and water additionally…

The guys from Sol Ideas approach it more scientifically. If you want to rebuild it I believe it to be worth a try.

They also instruct you to put TiO2 on a conductive glass plate. Only from degussa and not fron donuts 😉

So if you are interested in building a solar cell for fun check out these instructions.

If you really want to save money I suggest you better look for good deals and Solar Panels for Sale. Another idea is to buy scrap solar cells and construct your own panel.

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