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Hydrogen Car Conversion

A Hydrogen Car Conversion may be a great alternative to buy expensive and still very restricted Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars. Many scientists, politicians and car manufacturers are convinced that we are on the brink of the Hydrogen age. And I believe so, too, because Hydrogen is a phantastic storage medium for energy – like energy for moving your car.

But Hydrogen is dangerous – the Space Shuttle Challenger was doomed because of her Hydrogen fuel exloding – so a lot of research is going into save storage mediums and a filling station system is still to be set up. So to buy a Hydrogen Powered Vehicle today is not easy, too expensive and only for Californian tree huggers, it seems.

But since years I have seen claims that adding electrolysed water to the motor increases the performance and reduces the consumption and emissions. I always found this intriguing and did some research. Especially with my old, beautiful but thirsty Mercedes .)

Understand that Hydrogen is used completely different with this method than in Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars. With this method, Hydrogen is produced on demand and added to the normal fuel injected (or blown) into the engine. This is said to go without the risk of the Hydrogen tank exploding, because only a little Hydrogen is created all the time, the rest of the tank is … water.

Water is Hydrogen and Oxygen in a stable connection. You can even kill flames with … water. But water contains a lot of Hydrogen. And after the Hydrogen is burned in your engine, it again turns into … water! No pollution, no CO2.

So since the Hydrogen is produced on demand, we do not need a deeply frozen and highly pressured tank for our car, which is impossible to implement into a normal car. Perhaps not impossible, but much too expensive. And why should you, there are no filling stations, yet.

When I said “burned” up there, my friend Tracy from Hydrogen Water Cars asked me to clarify: With a DIY Hydrogen Car Conversion Kit producing Hydrogen on demand (called Brown’s Gas – formula HHO), the Hydrogen is not burned, as it is in fuel cells. Brown’s gas improves the normal burning process in your engine by up to 30 %. It is perfect for an older car like mine with no computer, but can be implemented easily into modern cars, too.

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