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Hydrogen Car: Hydrogen Generator or Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars

What is a Hydrogen Car? Why should you consider going Hydrogen? How can you go Hydrogen? A H2 (or H2+) car is a vehicle powered or aided by burning or adding Hydrogen to the process.

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Hydrogen is a very potent reactant and has a higher reactive chemical energy than for example gasoline. A car which burns only Hydrogen for energy belongs to the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars. A car which adds Hydrogen to the gasoline burning process is a normal car supported by a Hydrogen Generator.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell cars are much more “solar”, much more ecological, because the car itself is zero emission. But: the production of the Hydrogen still mostly uses fossil fuels. Hydrogen also has to be transported to filling stations. Hydrogen has also to be kept pressurized and deep-frozen, so it cannot explode or just vanish into thin air. This is energy consuming.

And dangerous. Hydrogen is highly explosive. Hydrogen doomed the Challenger, because it is part of the Space Shuttle Fuel. And the Hydrogen Filling stations have to be built yet. Big investments lay ahead of us. No, we haven’t arrived in the Hydrogen age yet. But we should. With Hydrogen there will be no more BP oil spills, no more tanker accidents killing nature.

But the tankers will be dangerously explosive, still. And all of us would have to buy one of the new Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars, like the Honda Hydrogen Vehicle. Another big investment. No, we are not there, yet. So let us have a look at a possible alternative, at least an inter stage: Hydrogen Generator Cars, using a Hydrogen DIY Kit.

Here the Hydrogen is created from Water just in time. No risk of explosions, no deep-freezing, no pressure, no costs of storage, no filling station (as long as you have a water hose – well distilled water 🙂 ) The Hydrogen (or better HHO – Brown’s gas) is added to the gas and helps the motor to burn the gasoline more effectively, by that saving up to 30% of fuel.

I am wondering if just filling water in your tanks in the future and using a Hydrogen Car Generator could be a solution? No new filling stations…Maybe the water is too heavy to drive around with? I dunno, but if 60 liters of water had the same power as 60 l of gas?

I will do some research.But I am sure the energy giants will not let you go without a fight.

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