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Is Global Warming Real

Is Global Warming real? No, Global Warming is over – Why should you now think about Global Cooling? Well, since I meet you on this website, I assume you at least strongly doubt that the IPCC is correct in its doomsday predictions. Or you even believe (like many others) that Global Warming is a hoax. And the more you look, for me the more doubtful “proof” of Global Warming you find. And yes, many scientist make a living on this story and I am sure being awarded the Nobel Price (Nobel Price for Peace, IPCC 1997) improves your mating chances (sorry for this Darwinism).

The minute something becomes an industry like Big Pharma I am skeptical..

So I won’t argue with you that there is no (more) Global Warming and that many Global Warming zealots stick to their idea like a prophesy.

Is Global warming real? Cyclical Climate Change is a fact

Though what I do believe is proven: “climate change”, or better: “natural, cyclic climate change” is a truth.

If you look at history you will find that until the 1970s scientists were researching a Global Cooling, which took place since the 1940s. And though NASA now researched (in a computer simulation) that a local nuclear war would solve the Global Warming problem, I do not believe that we could correlate the Nuclear explosions between the 1940s and the end of the cold war with the that cooling period (and no one yet has tried this as far as I know – but I guess that will come up).

Is Global Warming real? It is used as a scare to ask for a nuclear conflict? Really?

By the way though it seems NASA is not directly suggesting a Nuclear Conflict, I am taken aback by the (on purpose?) connection easily made: Solve Global warming with nukes – I don’t think getting this idea from their research is far fetched.

But back to the Cooling period 1940s-1970s. From the 1970s global temperature turned around and it actually got warmer (that for me is proven). All scientist were doing then is putting a CO2 chart over the global temperature chart, and voilá…the mantra was born.


But if you think now that I am on the side of those crying: “let’s stick to our fossil fuels, dig deeper…” I am not. I believe that fossil fuels, even if not causing global warming, are sickening this planet. Spoiling the air we breathe. Destroying our Oceans. We are using a technology already used in Neanderthal – burning wood. Unworthy of humankind. I was born close to the Neanderthal (Germany). Last time I checked they were extinct.

So if the Global Warming hoax has its good sides it is that the leave our complacency (interests’ resistance) and start to implement new technologies. And these are not perfect yet, but burning oil wasn’t perfected 100 years ago, either. And Oil-interests stifled the Alternative Energy research. Btw.: Why does big oil still today get billions of subsidiaries? Billions per year? By the American taxpayer. Average Joe and Jill…Why?? Well, probably only because they can make politics do this…think about that…that’s how influential they are…

So: I don’t like to be lied to, but I cannot completely damn the Global warming hoax. There was no other way to break to oil lobby’s interests. And if only because we reached Peak Oil. Yes, there are the deniers, too. But the German Military prepares for a post-oil world right now. The US Military is investing in Alternative Energies big time.

What you say?? … Well, sure, they only do that because they are Ecologists, right. Or is it because strategy wins over political influence?

So some form of Global Warming really took place (1970s till 1998-2005) And “all” that we could call a “hoax” about that is linking this warming to raising levels of (man-made) CO2. But it gets more and more obvious that earth stopped heating up between 1998 and 2005. The Global Warming zealots are more and more preaching with their pants down – or better: with missing scientific data to prove their predictions.

What about Global Cooling or is Global Warming real?

Now (2011) it seems that it even starts to cool down. Seen any snow lately?? In places not seen for a long (ever?) time? Are the pole caps still melting? Yes they are. The Global Warming Industry will tell that this kind of weather changes (more extremes) was to be expected. But, well, the trend is stable since 2005. The earth isn’t warming up any more. Is it still warmer than – say – 1965? Yes. No doubt.

But with the trend now broken (warming stopped but not the increase inCO2 ) more and more “rogue” scientists come out of the woods (or better: find some coverage in the mass media) and claim that the warming actually is part of a natural cycle. And that we are in the interregnum right now. And that a phase of Global Cooling is on its way.

Is Global Warming real? Russian Scientist and the sunspots

A high-level Russian Scientist (linking this cycle to the Solar activity cycles) predicts that the Cooling phase will begin in 2014 and reach its peak in the 2040s.
A professor for Meteorology developed a Chaos Theory model (did you know that Chaos Theory stems from Meteorology?) describing our weather patterns and can explain our historic climate changes pretty well. And it also predicts a coming cooling phase.

Is Global Warming real hoax or just a fashion? And Is Global Cooling just another ‘Fashion’? And why should you care?

I do not think so. In our earth’s history we find lots of Ice Ages and “Medieval Warming Phases”. Climate was never stable. The only error of the Global warming Alarmists is the assumption that we created it. How presumptuous. It is idiotic to spoil our planet. But earth has her own cycles. Not everything is man made. But if it is all a just a natural cycle, why should we bother?

Is Global Warming real: French Revolution started by Global Cooling?

Well, the French Revolution may have been started by Small Ice Age. People were starving. And our wealth (and population of 7+ billion people) in 2011 may be based on the 1970-2005 warming period, with warmer weather making for a better harvest. A better harvest makes for a better fed population. A well fed population tends is able to spend money for needs higher in Maslow’s pyramid. By that growing the economy. So no doubt that since the 1970s the world got warmer, but is global warming real because of this fact?

So we could argue that our growth in wealth since the 1980s (ok, for the sake of this discussion please don’t look at our financial crisis looming since 2008) has to do with decreasing prices for food production. And yes, food has become more expensive since then (compare a litre of milk now and then), but do not forget that this inflation is very much about rising energy prices, not so much about food alone. The machinery used in farming needs energy and so does the transportation to find your milk bottle in your local mart.

Also do not forget that much more food is produced today than it was then and the demand has risen dramatically (world population is exploding). So if we take these facts into account, I argue that the warm weather has benefited our society, economy and population growth. If natural Climate Change is a given, and next stop is ‘Global Cooling’, will we be able to sustain an world and world economy which is based on dropping food prices?

And if Global Cooling is up next, energy prices will rise dramatically, because more demand (more heating) joins forces with less production (ie. peak oil). And even Nuclear Fuels are limited, though this can debated. Some say Uranium will only last for another 35 years, some say more than 200 years, especially if we can improve the efficiency technologically (about 1% right now). So, with Peak Oil, at least that would mean we have to build Nuclear Plants to be prepared.

But is this clever? I know this discussion would open a completely different can of worms, but fact is we have no idea how we can safely store the waste. No idea. Only some calculations and hopes.

Dumping it into earth is just a “hope” scenario and a “I don’t care about humans in 100.000 years. I can’t subscribe to this point of view (for more thoughts on this see New Nuclear Sign).

Btw.: A Nuclear Plant is nothing but a radiating, dangerous steam engine. How advanced. And what about a reliable energy supply in a colder climate?

Can we really rely on all the old power lines to warm our homes during freezing cold? What about all the power outages in recent years? Is this going to get any better? At least the infrastructure is not becoming any younger… So a blizzard has a good chance of getting you off-grid, only that you rely on it. So if Global Cooling is a fact, it is about time that the Utility Companies start to invest into redoing the energy grid. But: That would cost billions. And you would pay for that. No, probably not directly. But indirectly, with raising costs for electricity. And in the meantime some cold days without any electricity.

And is that money well spent? Wouldn’t it be better to invest this money into becoming independent? I think so.

What I would suggest having answered “Is Global Warming real”?

Well, I must admit that the investment into a Solar System is still pretty high. Yes, it is possible to become completely independent from the grid. And if my scenario is correct, it will save you a lot of money over time. And secure your family. But what I am missing is a cheaper solution, because the efficiency of Solar Power Panels is still too low. I am expecting a major breakthrough anytime soon.

So tell me, is global warming real in your opinion?

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