Malibu Solar Lights – Solar Lighting the Quality Way

The Advantages of Malibu Solar Lights – Quality Solar Lighting Power for your Home. Malibu Solar Lights are a high quality product you should check out if you are in the market. The company “Malibu Lighting Corporation” is located in the USA (Texas) and produces quality outdoor lighting.

Later we will also cover the Disadvantages of Malibu Solar Lighting products. For example, a big problem with (any) solar lights is the batteries. But many customers are happy with Malibu even if they have been disappointed with other Solar Lights so far.

So as a quality company they designed most Solar Lights in a way that the batteries are easily replaced with standard Rechargeable Battery Packs.

The research shows that Solar Malibu Lighting are high quality products.

“very easy to start and use”

Even if you have made bad experiences with Solar Outdoor Lighting, it may be worth to try Malibu Solar Lighting products. Many customers report a “quality feel”, an exceptional quality and durability. By design the lamps come with an external solar panel. Neighbors are often surprised by brightness, and will have a hard time to believe it is Solar Powered.

Solar Lighting is a great way to put the lights were you need them and not where they get the most sun at night.

“not as bright as regular electric bulbs, but does a good job”

There are many styles and shapes of Solar Lights, so you should be able to find what you need. You should also be on the lookout for complete kits. Basic Malibu solar lights are available for under USD 50.

The installation process is reported to be hassle-free, without any professional help. Six to eight lights can be installed in under an hour. All you need is a screwdriver. Solar Malibu Lights are said to have the brightest Solar Floodlights in the market.

They also come with the option to choose between “high” and “low”.

“piece of cake to hook up”

  • on “low” a new battery pack lasts the whole night
  • on “high” new batteries last about 4-5 hours

Malibu’s One Year Guarantee

Perhaps you know that I recommend to look for Solar Lights which come with a guarantee (especially because of quality issues with the batteries).

Well, Malibu Lights come with a one-year guarantee.

And the Batteries are replaceable with standard battery packs from your local electronics store.

A good source for Malibu products is the Amazon Store

In the Article above I looked at the Advantages of Malibu Solar Lighting. There are plenty.

“Quality Feel”

But it makes also absolute sense to see what the downsides of any product are.

So I checked the comments for Malibu Solar Lighting, especially on

You really should read other customers’ comments, especially the bad ones, before buying any product.

not as bright as regular electric lights (but does a good job)

All in all I must say that people seem to be very happy with their choice and sometimes just complain about strange things, like “no sun = no light at night”.

Well, that is a pretty obvious one and a downside to solar energy in general, not Malibu Lights specifically.

high cost

Also the idea to deliver the product with a stand-alone solar panel, to disconnect energy collection from energy consumption (your place of choice) is a pretty good move in my opinion.

This probably adds to slightly higher costs. But quality is always more expensive – and reliable – than cheap stuff.

easily damaged solar panel needs protection

I wonder about that. Easily damaged? Well, every solar light or panel probably gets damaged if something falls on it.

too dark

That is nothing special about Solar Malibu Lights, either.

Batteries delivered need to be refreshed/exchanged

The most serious complaint I found is that the service – though fast and fair – still sends the wrong replacement part.

support fast and fair, but not knowing products well

So, check the comments for the Solar Malibu Lights Systems. This is what I especially like about amazon, that you can read other users’ comments.

So check out these Solar Malibu products in the Amazon Store:


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