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New Electric Cars – Think GM EV1 Volt Tesla Toyota Ford Mini BMW Electric Cars

New Electric Cars – or are they?

Fascinating New Electric Cars or Hybrid Cars are on their way to an Electric Car Dealer near You.

But honestly, is this really a reason to get excited?

New Electric Cars
1914 “New” Detroit Electric Car ŠJ. Brew/Flickr

Humanity has already been there.

There were “New” Electric Cars available for your great-grandfather at a Car Dealer in his area.

The range already was up to 85 miles per charge. It’s price was only $2.500, though that was a lot of money in those days.

new electric cars detroit electric

The company “Detroit Electric” lasted until 1938, then Rockefeller – who drove one himself – and other oil barons had their will and switched the whole world economy to petroleum and oil.

So it is kind of deja vu, isn’t it? It can be done.

This images photographer J. Brew says in his description:

“I think that if I could buy one of these now, I would do it. Why can we not build electric cars today (especially in Detroit) when we could do so 90 years ago? The technology seems to have been mature back in 1914 – come on engineers – lets get with it!”

Well, I don’t know if this design will still improve the chances of my DNA’s survival, but it seems that a technology 100 years old could easily do what we are up to today.

New Electric Cars – Our Generation

So back to our generation’s approach to Electric Vehicles.

Today many hopeful names are in the market.

In 2008 the Ford Think Electric Car project, buried in 2003, was relaunched by exactly those guys who helped google to become No. 1 on the internet.

The Tesla

But for sure the Electric Vehicle with the most media coverage and hype is the Tesla.

And no wonder: This is another kind of Silicon Valley Venture. Internet Stars like Elon Musk (“Mr. Paypal”)are propelling and supporting this company.

The Tesla has a range of 245 miles per charge and accelerates to 60 mph in only 3.7 seconds. I admit our great-grandfather’s electric car dealers couldn’t offer such great features those days 😉

You could say that the next internet revolution is Alternative Power companies like Bloom Energy – supported by google and other internet giants – and Tesla.

And yes, this is a car to be excited about and which would for sure improve the chances of my DNA’s survival 😉

Those investors once powering the Silicon Valley Software now power another kind of Hardware: electric Vehicles.

So with this support for me Electric Cars like the Tesla are a given.

Ford GM Electric Cars?

But what about the resurrection of the former biggest carmakers worldwide like GM and Ford?

The former GM CEO admits that the cessation of the turn of the millennium project EV1 was the biggest mistake at the helm of GM.

Now GM has high hopes in its New Electric Car project “Volt”. They try to create a similar “Tesla” hype.

But I am a bit disappointed.

While the Tesla is a real Electric Car, the Volt is a Hybrid. On electricity alone it can only go about 40 miles. Compare that to the roughly 250 miles of the Tesla.

Yes, sure, we don’t even have to look at the price tags. Yes, that would be like comparing the Enterprise to the space shuttle.

But our old great-grandfather’s car from Detroit Electric had a range of already 80 miles… more than 100 years ago. So sorry if I am not too impressed.

Ford electric Vehicles

Ford follows a different strategy.

They will offer their customers different drive mechanisms for the same car model. So you will be able to buy the Ford Focus as a conventional gas, a diesel a hybrid or a full Electronic Vehicle…

I am all on edge if they will be able to beat great-grandfather’s Electric Choice.

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