Pool Solar Heater – How to use (DIY) Solar Power for Homes to heat your Pool?

Have you ever thought about building or buying a Solar Pool Heater? Do you still think that implementing Solar Power for your Home or Pool is too expensive? Employing a Solar Pool Heater has about the most bang you can get for your buck where saving money and going green is concerned.

So how to get the ‘Sun’ into your Pool? As I said, heating your Pool is a nearly perfect application for Solar Energy. And then the pool itself is the storage system for the solar energy.

above ground swimming solar pool heater
Example of a solar pool heating system. Courtesy US DOE /EERE

Some even use this Solar Heater to cool their homes, by funneling the heat from their house into the pool.

And since water is an excellent heat storage, your pool will easily accept the heat and you will be able to save lots of money and prolong the swimming season, perhaps even to year-round.

Solar Pool Heater

So how to do that? First, let’s start with some Solar Swimming Pool Heaters‘ Basics. And in order to save money and actually have even more fun with your pool, I suggest you take a look at varying grades of DIY (do it yourself) solutions to funnel the sun into your swimming pool.

Even if you are no DIY person, you will be able to follow at least one of my suggestions. Or your neighbor can ;). So let me guide you through the different possibilities.

Build a Solar Pool Heater

So how much does it cost to switch your pool to solar heating? Well, that depends on different variables. For example the size of the pool, the amount of sun in your area and how much you are willing to do yourself.

If you ask a Solar Installer for the price (0% DIY), he will probably say between 3.000 and 4.000 USD. But if you are willing to do it on you own, by that lowering the costs to potentially 100 USD (100% DIY), you will be pretty excited about the potential to build a Solar Pool Heater yourself using pre-made (20 % DIY) materials.

Solar Pool Cover or Rings

But it is mandatory that you also get above ground pool solar covers, by that saving up to 50% of energy. Alternatively, you can check out the solar pool rings.

One way or the other, it is important for you to cover your pool, not only to raise the temperature by collection Solar Power, but also to stop water from evaporating at night, by that cooling down the pool considerably.

The Solar Pool Rings have also the advantage of letting the pool “breathe” which is said to reduce the formation of algae.

If you checked the rings and prefer classic covers like above ground pool solar covers it is important to choose a reliable material and a great variety of sizes and shapes for the cover. Also a stable reel makes using your pool and saving much more comfortable.

Solar Pool Pump

If you already own Solar Panels (=active use of solar energy), then it makes sense to additionally install a Solar Pool Pump and save on the electricity for pumping, too.

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