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Renewable Energy Jobs – How to find booming Alternative Green Energy Jobs

Renewable Energy Jobs? – The financial crises at the end of the first decade of the 21st Century will be seen as a turning point by future generations! Most governments pump huge amounts of federal money into green economy to get the world economy going again.

A Crisis is a terrible thing to waste.

CleanEdge, a Technology Market authority, writes in “Clean Tech Job Trends 2009“:

We believe this crisis can accelerate the transition to a clean-energy economy, with the creation of millions of new jobs in a wide range of clean-tech sectors. Those countries that take an active role will move out of the current crisis better positioned to lead the next industrial revolution: clean technologies.

And the governments do so knowing that the Renewable Energies with all their branches are the next Technological Revolution, the next worldwide Silicon Valley. And Green Jobs will be distributed all over the US, all over the World.

Alternative Renewable and Green Energy Jobs


Renewable Energy Jobs
Wind Energy Jobs

Wind Energy Jobs

And since Global Competition already for these technologies is extremely strong with China already being a major player, the Western Governments will double their effort to develop and keep the knowledge and Jobs in their Countries.

And there is so much to be done: Harvesting the enormous resources for Wind Power and therefore Electricity in the Great American Plains – btw.: did you know that Texas was actually one of the (more) Green States in the US?

Also investing and thereby developing the aged power grid into the so called ‘Smart Grid’. The Smart Grid …

delivers electricity from suppliers to consumers using two-way digital technology to control appliances at consumers’ homes to save energy, reduce cost and increase reliability and transparency. It overlays the electricity distribution grid with an information and net metering system.

More more qualified IT professionals and leaders are working for Smart Grid Startups now, giving these Energy Jobs a Silicon Valley Flair.

The next of many Renewable Jobs branches is in Energy Conservation. Billions of Dollars and euros are invested by Governments to renovate homes and support the economy.

New companies develop new insulation products and energy conservation ideas, like “Serious Materials” or “Hycrete” in the US.

But also industry giants built up Energy Jobs and Workforce, with the baby boomers retiring and seeing the new task at hand to survive in the next booming economic technology wave.

And what about the wages? Are Solar Energy Jobs and other Renewable Energy Jobs well paid?

The Clean Edge report says this:

But for clean-tech jobs to matter, they need to pay well and provide job security – part of long-term and sustainable clean-tech careers. […] Our survey shows that clean-tech jobs often compete where it matters most – on pay levels.

So you absolutely should find one of the Green Energy Jobs for yourself. Follow the above links.

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