Solar Deck Lighting – Expand the beautiful evenings on your deck

Solar Deck Lighting – Enjoy your Porch even at night

Solar Deck Lighting and similar lighting ideas let you enjoy your sun deck even at night…

For me, there is nothing more relaxing than sitting on my porch in the evenings, enjoying my wine and company. Just chilling out after a stressy day.

With some beautiful lighting the evenings even expand into the early nights. The crickets chirp in the background, and my mood gets better and better.

Solar Outdoor Lighting makes me see my wine, wife and our company even after the sun has left my beautiful spot on this earth for some hours.

So in a way our Return on Investment on the porch improved a lot with (Solar)Outdoor Lighting.

Sure, it doesn’t have to be especially “solar”.

But you do not have to take care of cabling, a power jack, switching it on and off, and paying a lot for forgetting the switching off part.

Solar Deck Lighting improves your decks “usability”

No, you just install them not caring about cabling.

One caveat, though: Most product do not have the Solar Panels separately, so that you have to be careful where you install them.

If they do not get enough sunlight there, you won’t have a lot of light at night (because they cannot recharge).

So if you want to install a Deck light inside – say – a handrail, you won’t get much benefit.

Here it probably would be better to use conventional outdoor lighting.

So make sure you check if you can separate the light collection (panel) from the light destination (where you want the light).

This feature I liked especially about Malibu Solar Lighting products. I do not know if this applies to all of their products, but many come with the functionality to separate the one from the other.

So make sure you know what the product you are looking for has to do.

Also I do again suggest you read the new other buyers’ comments to get a feeling for the product quality.

Solar Deck Lighting ideas

Every deck is different and so are people’s tastes…

In case you are in the market right now but do not know exactly what you should be looking for – all you know is you want to enjoy your deck in the evenings, too – I’ll try to give you some inspirations about what is possible.

Solar Recessed Deck Lighting

Solar Recessed Deck Lighting are about my favorites.

light comes from the center as a strong beam of light. Some days haven’t been as sunlit as others, but it continues to produce fairly decent spot lighting all through the night and into the first part of the morning ©

You basically drill some (be exact, please holes into your porch and insert these lights, so they are about plane with the deck floor (=”recessed”).

They do recharge in daylight, even when cloudy, but if they do not come with external panels, you should make sure that where you place them gets enough sunlight/daylight.

The ones in the shade or partial shade are never bright and power off about 8 PM, sometimes the ones in the shadiest spots do not come on at all ©

Solar Stair Lighting

Does your deck have stairs? Then a Solar Step Lighting might be a nice idea.

You should then check out Solar Stairs Lighting .

There are even motion lights, if you do not want your stairs to be lit all the time.

satisfied with them on dark nights after sunny summer days, but performance is poor in the cloudy winter ©

Solar Deck Post Lighting

Another nice idea for your patio – if you have posts – is a Solar Deck Post Light.

I must say, there are really beautiful products …

I hope this gave you some ideas how you can turn “solar” on your deck not only in daylight.

And I hope to have given you an idea what you should avoid.

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