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Solar Energy Advantages Disadvantages – why should you use Solar Power for Homes?

The Solar Energy Advantages Disadvantages: Solar Energy is one major pillar of Alternative and Renewable Energy.

Learn here about them so you can understand why Solar Power is the future for your home too

In the end, a lot of energy sources are coming directly or indirectly from the sun…at least in this solar system. The sun is the source of all energy on earth – directly or indirectly. Don’t believe us?

Ok, let’s see… how about Oil: What is Crude Oil?

Oil is the chemical product of ancient trees rotting underground. Trees are growing only with photosynthesis, the biological way of turning sunlight into energy. So without sunlight, no trees, no Oil.

The same is true for Natural Gas.

It is also a result of decaying wood.

So you could say that by using Oil we are using stored sunlight … and have pollution as a side effect.

By the way: We as humans cannot directly (well, we need the sun for some bodily function like production of Vitamin D) turn Solar Energy/rays into muscle power. We also do this indirectly by eating plants and animals who were feeding on plants. And these plants feed on photosynthesis…Solar Energy.

Wind Energy: For sure the sun plays a big role in the formation of winds, for example by heating up the oceans. So this wind turns the turbines. I wouldn’t say though that only the sun can causes winds as it is assumed that Jupiter is storm ridden – on the picture you see this “eye”? It is assumed that this is a storm raging for centuries or longer. But Jupiter is far away from the sun. As far as I know the Jupiter climate is still a mystery.

So what are the Solar Energy Advantages Disadvantages?

There are some Disadvantages:

  • implementing Solar Energy for your home is still expensive
  • the efficiency ranges between 6-42%-the more, the more expensive
  • your investment may be outdated technologically soon
  • obviously the sun is needed – no production at night
  • less production with bad weather or high pollution
  • sun energy cannot be stored in a battery
  • with actual state of technology not recommendable everywhere
  • producing and shipment causes pollution
  • if there is a bad year the produced energy may not be sufficient

and here are the Advantages:

  • Solar Energy is clean energy
  • Solar Energy is – except for the investment – free energy
  • Solar Energy is absolutely “Renewable”
  • Solar Energy gets cheaper and cheaper
  • Solar Energy also gets cheaper compared to conventional energy
  • in remote areas installation may be cheaper than connecting to the power grid
  • technological advancements make Solar Energy more and more effective and affordable
  • every household can produce their own energy – decentralization
  • rooftops are suitable for installation…no extra space needed
  • by using renewable – Solar – Energy you save fossil fuels
  • some countries support the installation of Solar Energy financially
  • because Fossil Fuels will be scarce and expansive pretty soon, investing in Renewable Energy may be very clever

I think that after this evaluation of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy you see that there are many reasons to switch to renewable energy. It may be a reasonable investment.

As a house owner evaluating the Advantages and Disadvantages Solar Energy has, my take would be that there is never a perfect time to switch, because – as with computers – technology gets better and better every day.

But once you switch and made the initial investment it becomes more and more cost effective every day. Take a calculator, see if your government sponsors the switch to renewable energy and calculate how long it will take until you reach the break even.

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