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Solar Energy for Kids – Toys for Solar Energy Education Fun and Job

Solar Energy for Kids Solar and Chemistry Kits only for Kids? solar energy for kids ?

I would have loved to own a Solar Energy for Kids mini lab when I was a kid myself… all I could do then is decolorize Mum’s towels with my Chemistry Kit for Kids… she was not amused 😉

But with a Set about Solar Energy for kids nothing is in danger to become decolorized.

The worst that can happen is that your son or daughter won’t become a bestseller author as you hoped … but an engineer…

I never lost my weak side for chemistry because of these experiments I did when I was a kid. Now, pretty much (more) grown up, I even went into a toyshop and bought me a new one. Yep…

That’s how much what we do as a kid influences our preferences…

Is your (grand-)son’s or daughter’s birthday close? What are nice toys for science interested kids?

Are there any Solar Mini Labs?

Solar Energy for Kids

Kids love to do ‘secret’ stuff. I did, actually formed my own secret service (pssst, it’s still secret; It was called ‘DND’).

Well, only had one ’employee’ who wanted to participate, but nonetheless …

So this kit from Tedco contains a paper which by sunlight and water creates shades of man-made objects you put on on them. If your child is artistic, I believe it to be an intriguing thing to do.

But that wouldn’t have been my favourite. Perhaps because I am not artistic…

But aren’t there any more technical kits?

Let’s see.

Kosmos is the company that built my first Chemistry Kits. I am so happy they are still – 25 years later – around. I just love ’em.

So I am happy to see a new Kit from them, called “Experiments in Sustainability”.

And though I am too old now (am I?) and haven’t tried this one, I love the Kosmos kits. They are very big over here in Germany.

On Amazon the reviews are pretty positive and inspiring.

What about this little Solar “Frightened Grasshopper Kit – Solar Powered” on the left? One reviewer says her kids had fun with it two days nonstop…

More Solar Energy for Kids Kits

But back to my favorite Experimental kits.

The ‘6-in-1 Educational Solar Kit’ seems to be a lot of fun, too…what a pity I am too old…

Since there are so many fun things I think I will just show them to you…

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