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Solar ipod Charger – How to Listen to Music even when the Oil is gone

How can you charge your ipod in Yosemite National Park? Well, with a Solar ipod Charger. And in Munich’s ‘Englischer Garten’ – btw., it’s beautiful -? Knowing me you already guessed the answer, didn’t you? 😉

Gadgets like the iphone or ipod are ideal for being charged with the sun. They do not need much power as your pool or home does, and are intended to be mobile so often there is no jack. And again we have a choice: Make or buy? Since I know you guys – a lot of you have a soft side for DIY, so let’s see…

How to Make a Solar ipod Charger

Check out this video:

The guy shows you how to build your own Charger. Since he uses an older ipod version, please check the needed power for your version.

In the end you need some solar cells, combine them and add a USB plug to the system. Pretty easy, but only for real DIYers…don’t fry your ipod! All at your own risk, and I do not think that Steve Jobs will replace your solar fried one… 😉

Here is another good (written) instruction by

And this is the personal report of a Yesomite National Park fan how he built his version of a personal Solar Charger.

And again: I haven’t tried it yet and it is at your and your ipod’s risk.

I myself – at least at this price level compared to a Solar Power for Homes System – prefer to…

…Buy a Solar Charger

If you are like me, I like to have stuff like that with a manual and a guarantee…and someone to call if it does not work.

So whatever way you prefer, I am sure now you can go on that backpacking trip through Australia or sail the world and still can listen to your music…on your always charged ipod.

So where to buy your solar ipod charger?

Have a look at amazon or buycom. Also be sure to check if you find a used one at ebay, since solar cells are pretty much good for 25+ years.

Also be sure to check the Solar Trickle Charger Interview.

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