Solar Lamp Post Lights – Illuminate your Driveway the European way

Solar Lamp Post Lights

Solar Lamp Post Lights illuminate your Driveway in the classy European way

In Europe, ie. in nice cities like Duesseldorf, all streets have lamp posts, though admittedly not yet Solar..

I was born in Duesseldorf, Germany. It is a beautiful city.

And if I may: If you ever come to Germany, do not forget to visit Duesseldorf. Mel Brooks said that Duesseldorf and Cologne (its neighbor and rival) are absolutely underestimated, beautiful cities.

solar lamp post lights
a Duesseldorf Lamp Post (non Solar) © Eichental

Well, as a Duesseldorfer (who lived in both cities) i can’t help it: Duesseldorf is much nicer, more “chic”. A “must see”.

And Cologne has no beautiful lamp post I know of.

But Berlin has similar beautiful Lamp Posts.

As does Paris. So for me, these Street Lamps are very “European”.

And now you can buy similar designs with solar technology for your driveway.

So next to saving you energy, Solar Lamp Posts bring a special classy style to the area they illuminate.

Your walkway.

Or garden.

Or your ranch…

But again, be warned: Make sure to buy a quality product and get a guarantee.

The Achilles’ Heel of these solar products is their battery.

Read customer comments if available.

And Solar Lights are still not as bright as conventional lamps are.

So, now I reminded you of the potential downsides, where would I start to shop for Solar Lamps?

Well, firstly I’d check out Amazon, because the customer comments can give you a very good insight into the different models and qualities. Widgets

And you can check out Kriss Bergethon’s Solar Store.

And to make sure, read my Disclosure Policy. I am an affiliate of both.

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