Solar Outdoor Lighting – Solar Pool Lights or Garden Solar Lighting anyone?

How to make the Sun light your garden at night? With Solar Outdoor Lighting you efficiently use the sun to power your solar security light, pool lights or solar deck light. Solar Energy is the perfect power source for your outdoor lighting. There is a solution for solar powered security lights, solar pool lights, solar powered outdoor lighting, deck lights.

You get the idea 😉 Actually, Solar Lighting is something you should check out if you have a garden, a pond, a pool, a security problem or a big ranch.

What kinds of Solar Outdoor Lighting are possible?

Solar Outdoor Lighting
Solar Outdoor Lighting

Different effects by using Outdoor Solar Lights

Next to buying different types of Solar lights, you can also use some techniques to create the effects you would like to see in your “outdoors”.

Here are a few possibilities and ideas:

  • create a Silhouette effect: illuminate the object you want “dramatized” strongly, but only from its back side. So that you do not see the light anymore, but the tree or statue (or whatever) gets a kind of aura
  • create a Shadow effect by doing the opposite, lighting the object from your point of view (the front) so that the object will cast a strong shadow
  • create a down-to-earth effect: hang a light above the object you want to dramatize, so that its shadow is on the ground, giving the object more dominance by putting a shadow around it. Very impressive if the light can move in the wind.

Btw.: Solar Powered Security Lights will be used in this manner, but to cover an area as big as possible.

  • create a very impressive Cross effect by using two or more angles on the same object with one or more lights from every angle. The more you use, the less shadows will remain and the more ’glowing’ the object will become.

solar-outdoor-lighting spot

[Except for security reasons -you mostly will want to light as much area per light as possible to reduce the dark corners- lighting for effect works best with spots.]


  • Combining lights in a row can also have impressive effects. Imagine the steps to your door are illuminated at night, step for step.
  • Or your driveway has a Solar Light every 30 feet/10 m or so….looks great in the night.


Advantages of Solar Outdoor Lighting

Well, there are many advantages. For example, you do not have to care about the cabling (and digging over your garden in the process).

You do not have to care about the price for electricity, and if you only want to afford some hours per night. No, these Solar lamps recharge on their own, and they die down at night whenever their batteries are empty. Only to recharge with the first rays the next morning. So, are there downsides?

Honestly? Yes, there are. From what I hear and what you can also find on this site, the batteries are often a problem, since they get broken easily.

Solar Outdoor Lighting Motion Spot Shed
Motion Sensor Spot Light Many thanks to Rancho Cocoa @

Often only after a short while. That leaves you with hard to get rid off electronic waste and the costs for replacing the batteries.

You should speak to the seller about a guarantee and get some testimonials first.

Buy Solar Lighting with a Guarantee

So I talked about this problem to one of my business partners, Kriss. You already know him, he runs an Online Solar Store. He told me that he is aware of this problem, optimized his assortment and now can offer a guarantee. So if you are in the market, check out his store for Solar Outdoor Lighting.

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