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Solar Panel 12V – Break free with RV Portable Solar Panels

With a Solar Panel 12v you can start to go off grid. Use it as an RV Solar Panel or on your Car or as Portable Solar Panel Solution… Prepare for the Age of Turmoil or just Sail the World.

A very useful and popular way to use off grid renewable power comes in the form of the solar panel 12v. These are the most commonly used solar chargers.

Why? Having looked at how much solar panel cost for your home to be an alternative, how much energy could a 12v panel possibly create for you?

Well, honestly by far not enough to heat your house, light your whole parkway or get you off grid completely.

A solar Panel 12 V in use Thanks to Chippie from solarumpc/flickr solar panel 12v in use

But for sure they can create enough to run (some of) your portable devices, or at least charge their (rechargeable) batteries.

Or perhaps even take your RV completely off grid.

These portable solar panels 12v operate in principle exactly like the large solar panels we already spoke about, but naturally generate less electricity due to their much smaller size and capacity.

And like the larger cousins, solar panel 12vs operate best under direct full sun exposure.

Though most of them will work on cloudy and rainy days, but it will take longer to generate the electricity to charge your device.

But they probably will not operate sufficiently under indoor lighting, solar panels able of doing just that are still developed. They’re projected to reach the consumer market in another 2 or 3 years.

And be very careful to get you a high quality portable solar panel system, because only these have built-in regulators, meaning they’ll automatically adjust the amount of energy they produce to the amount that the device requires.

So be sure that the portable panels you buy have this feature, otherwise there’s a danger of overcharging (or “frying”) the device that you’re trying to recharge.

foldable Solar Panel 12v

Most of these portable solar panels fold into sizes small enough to fit into a large pocket or notebook bag. But be careful: you can’t fold the cells themselves.

Yes, they are foldable and flexible like a barbell.

But both are foldable because small weights are sewn into a flexible fabric and it is designed this way, not because the weights or especially the cells are themselves foldable.

It’s the same with the foldable solar panels: they fold because the solar cells are small enough to be mounted on foldable fabric.

Even though these portable solar panels are often advertised to be durable and waterproof, you still need to be very careful when handling them.

If you fold or crease the solar cell itself, you’ll probably break or disable it.

Some folks do try to do funny stuff with these delicate high-tech products.

So you better don’t fold the cell, or put the portable panels in the washing machine, or poke them with sharp objects.

Your weight belt will for sure survive that kind of treatment, but your portable solar panel probably won’t.

One more caveat: the portable solar panel can’t recharge regular batteries. It can only charge rechargeable batteries.

This may be obvious to you, but you’d be surprised how many people still try to recharge regular batteries.

And it is easier for them to recharge technically older batteries than the new Li-Ion.

You will also need additional connector equipment in order to use the portable panels, so make sure you plan for the additional expense.

You’ll need connectors that fit with the recharging plugs on your portable devices. And if you plan to use your portable solar panels to trickle charge your car, boat or snowmobile battery, you might need an extra set of battery clips.

Solar trickle charging” can keep your vehicle’s battery fully charged.

Here’s how it works: Place the portable solar panel on a surface where it receives the most sun; then plug it into the cigarette lighter socket, or attach the clips to the vehicle’s battery (speak to your mechanic first, some cars may not like this).

This can be a great help in really cold climates where temperatures drop below freezing, and you have to keep your car parked outside all day.

Portable solar panels are still relatively expensive compared to using grid electricity at home or in the office.

But that’s not their main mission. They start to really make sense if you spend a lot of time camping, hiking or working from or in your car.

And they’re great backup systems for times when the power goes out.

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