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Get The Best How To Solar Panel Installation Training Videos

Get The Best How To Solar Panel Installation Training Videos

If you’ve been looking for a real course in Solar Panel Installation Training, you’ve come to the right place. This 3-DVD 4-hour 16 chapter comprehensive course will take you from total beginner to full competency. It is taught by “the” Bob Nagy who is the star of over 40 videos on high-tech topics.

Watch This Solar Training Video Montage:

Solar Panel Installation Training The Author Bob Nagy put our effort into creating a course which is the best available anywhere. Several schools are using this course to teach semester-long classes in solar energy. If you are serious about learning how to install solar power systems

Save Money with these How To Solar Panel Installation Training Videos – As the Author of I tell you: The Best Solar Installation Training videos I have ever seen!

The Great Off Grid Solar Panel Installation Training Course in 4 Hours and 16 Chapters

Solar Panel Installation Training

If you want to learn about solar panel and off grid PV installation or if you just want to know more about how solar energy systems work, technology guru Bob Nagy has put together this 4 hour 3 DVD training course that covers both theory and practice in an easy to understand self-paced educational video.

If you can handle basic hand tools, you can install your own solar power system!

This complete video course will guide you through all aspects of installing a battery-based, solar power system. Step-by step, each concept is thoroughly described and reviewed so you can easily get yourself off-grid.

The Best Solar Panel Installation Training Tutorial today – Noob to Pro

The Complete Guide to the Installation of Off-Grid Solar Power Systems

Instructor Bob Nagy is the star of over 40 technical training videos and has 33-years of solar energy design and installation experience. He’ll walk you through all the details of setting up your own solar energy system, presenting concepts in an easy-to-digest manner and demonstrating them in real-world situations.

This course is equivalent to a semester length, college-level program. Each chapter is reviewed to reinforce concepts and applications. Nagy also stops at points throughout the presentation to review specific ideas and elements. He’ll walk you through the exact mental process involved in that element, using easy-to-understand language.

The Complete Guide to the Installation of Off-Grid Solar Power Systems, with Bob Nagy, will give you precision training in each and every step of the process. Once completed, you’ll be a skilled expert capable of installing commercial-quality systems of any size – safely, efficiently and reliably.

Examples of What you’ll learn:

  • How to estimate system size (energy budget)
  • How to determine the best panel mounting place
  • How to determine the sun’s path across the sky
  • How to Use a Multi-meter to test Voltage / Current / Resistance
  • Basic Electronics – including how to solder correctly
  • How to configure / design and assemble battery banks
  • How to configure and install Inverters and Charge Controllers
  • How to identify and receive every rebate and tax incentive available to you
  • How to determine wire gauges, make connections and use Circuit Breakers
  • You’ll build a system “with” Bob – and closely inspect several others.

Plus! A bonus chapter on how to cut 30% of your energy use RIGHT NOW.

About Bob Nagy:

Solar Panel Installation Training Videos by Bob Nagy

Engineer, media pro, teacher, builder…now your own personal solar tutor.

A graduate of New York Institute of Technology, Bob Nagy is retired from the University of Texas. He has worked for ABC news and NASA where he designed Biotechnology Payloads. He has also built and has been chief engineer of several broadcast stations. He designed and built his own solar home in Texas and is currently designing modular solar mini-homes using the latest technologies. Nagy built his first solar power system in 1976. It is still on-line today. His particular combination of skills gives him the ability to bring the concepts across so anyone can grasp them quickly.

Install Solar Power Yourself – and Save! You now can with these DVDs.

First in a series from Green Power Videos, this comprehensive course covers every aspect of battery-based, off-grid photovoltaic solar power systems in a three, DVD set.

The Solar Panel Installation Training Video Contents:

Disk One:

  • Introduction
  • PV Solar Panels – Overview
  • System Building Blocks
  • Ohms Law – Electronics
  • Applied Electronics in Solar
  • Battery Types – Characteristics
  • Inverter Types – Characteristics

Disk Two:

  • Charge Controller Types – Characteristics
  • Battery Bank Configuration
  • Panel Types and Configuration
  • Panel Mounting / Sun Position

Disk Three:

  • Three Systems Fully Analyzed
  • PV System Estimation
  • Tax Incentives – System “Payout”
  • Complete Design Walk-Through
  • System Maintenance

Bonus Chapter

  • Bonus Section: Energy Efficiency

Get the DVDs NOW – Free Shipping included!

Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee: We guarantee you will be fully satisfied with this DVD course! It has to meet with your expectations for thoroughness and high-standards throughout – or your money back.

only $57 incl. Shipping

Some Video Extracts

Bob Nagy had amateurs and professionals review the course and has incorporated their suggestions. The only suggestion we didn’t take (from two reviewers) was to double the price! The current course is version 1.2. We’ve added new sections requested by students in the last year.

The DVD Rear Cover

Solar Panel Installation Training

About the 16 chapter Course – From “No!” to “Know!”

The 16 chapter course is focused on off grid solar power systems but also covers basic electrical and electronics theory applicable to any PV system. There is also a bonus section on the importance of energy efficiency.

Solar Panel Installation Guide

Learn the basics of solar site selection and the importance of a shade free location for your solar panels, how solar panels create electricity and the power of the sun. Chapters 1 -4 cover the introduction to off grid solar, a PV panels overview, solar system building blocks and Ohms Law.

Solar Panel Installation Guide

Solar battery types are examined and evaluated. Electrical calculations are explained and demonstrated both in theory and in practice on the workbench using multimeters and amp meters. Chapters 5 – 8 cover applied electronics in solar, battery types, inverters and charge controllers.

Solar Panel Installation Guide

Chapters 9 – 12 DVDuss battery bank configurations for parallel and series wiring, solar panel types and configurations, solar panel s and mounting including some do it yourself mounts you can build, and an examination of three different system installations.

Chapters 13 – 16 include PV systems estimating, tax incentives for solar installations, a complete design walk through and ideas about system maintenance.

Solar Panel Installation Training

Real User Reviews

Darryl D. Ward – Harrisburg, PA. Let me start by thanking Bob for putting together a simple but in depth education from start to finish. I have reviewed some so called training courses and it was basically a bad video and a few words. Bob teaches you basic electronics which is all you will need to know, with diagrams and video instruction that will show you exactly how to do it. All you have to do is buy the equipment and truly follow the dvd’s and you will build your system. These video’s are by far the best you will ever get for this small price. Bob, again thank you for caring enough to put together these college quality dvd’s. My advice is if you want quality education without having to go to college. You better buy these dvd’s. He even gives you a tool list you will need to get the job done.

Karen Holcomb – Midsouth Have you gone out and purchased solar panels and then asked yourself – “What now?”. Then you need to have a look at this 3 DVD instructional video set to answer that question. Bob Nagy has set up what could pass as a technical school course on the installation of battery stored solar panels. The language is as basic as it can be given the subject, and he hand-holds you through the elementary electronics. Don’t be scared! Even if you end up hiring a professional after all – or – decide to go with a grid-tie system, this course will teach you what you need to know to make a truly informed decision about how you’ll use your panels, the pros and cons of battery back-up over grid-tie, and how to get the most efficiency out of your panels. If you haven’t purchased panels yet, the course will help you figure out what you’ll need to buy, and could easily save you the price of the DVD by helping you make the right purchase for what you’re trying to power. It would be nice if you could just watch the course linearly, instead of going back to the menu each time, but that’s a minor consideration. It’s not meant to be watched in one viewing. If you’re really trying to take in this information, you’ll need to plough through it a chapter at a time anyway and take notes. Considering what you’ll learn from it, this video course is a true bargain.

Mike Shaheen- Bob- I just finished watching the last DVD and I must say that I was very impressed! Boy I sure wish I would have found your videos before wasting $600 on that online course.

KingKorn – This product that I purchased is much better than I ever expected. The presenter is very easy to follow and the bonus information helped me right away. I enjoyed this video once and I will go through it again. I work in the energy efficiency field and it helps me to speak easier to the products that I sell to my customers. I look forward to other subjects from Bob Nagy and Green Power Videos.

“The ‘bottle-neck’ today in Solar Power these days is an inadequate number of trained installers. There could not be a more in-demand skill to have in the next decade! This course is a great investment in yourself and your future. If you are serious about going off-grid, you are going to need to know how to do this.” Bob Nagy

Get the DVDs NOW – Free Shipping included!

Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee: We guarantee you will be fully satisfied with this DVD course! It has to meet with your expectations for thoroughness and high-standards throughout – or your money back.

only $57 incl. Shipping

Make sure you comply with local laws.

Do not hesitate to test the Solar Panel Installation Training Videos. Other products are over $1,000.

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