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Solar Pool Blankets – Saving Money Without Extra Equipment!

Solar pool blankets help save money and energy by reducing heat loss and heating costs!
Solar pool blankets help save money and energy by reducing heat loss and heating costs!

If you’ve got a pool, you’re most likely already using a pool cover or blanket of some sort. Pool blankets are single pieces of protective material that cover your entire pool to keep debris, dirt, and rainwater out of the water when the pool is not in use. Pool blankets, in general, can greatly reduce the amount of cleaning needed to maintain a pristine pool. Solar pool blankets take it one step further.


What Are Solar Pool Blankets?

A solar pool blanket is a pool cover made from a material that absorbs and traps heat from the sun. Solar pool blankets provide more insulation than regular pool blankets. As a result, they allow less water evaporation and heat loss. Most of the commonly used solar pool blankets are made of translucent polyethylene air pockets and look similar to a giant sheet of bubble wrap. This special composition allows the solar pool blanket to absorb heat from the sun throughout the day, and diffuse it evenly across the surface of the pool. When the sun goes down, the cover prevents the heat collected during the day from escaping by forming an insulated barrier between the pool water and the cool night air.

What To Look For When Buying A Solar Pool Blanket

When you’re shopping around for a solar pool blanket, you’ll find several different colors and thicknesses available to choose from. The thicker the solar pool blanket, the more effective it will be at absorbing and retaining heat. Additionally, the thicker solar pool blankets will be less likely to be disturbed in windy conditions. However, you must remember that no pool blanket is capable of preventing children and small animals from falling into the pool. Another thing to keep in mind is that solar pool blankets with greater thicknesses will be more difficult to move into and out of place. Most pool blankets are relatively lightweight. But there will be some effort involved in covering and uncovering your pool with a thicker – and more efficient – solar pool blanket.


Solar pool blankets come in several different colors to match your pool and home. Choosing a color for your solar pool blanket shouldn’t be all about aesthetics. The different colors may look great on your pool surface. But the clear solar pool blankets are much more effective at maintaining your pool’s temperature. This is because the clear covers allow more of the sun’s radiation to reach the water. Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, the darker solar pool blankets are no more efficient than the clear ones when it comes to retaining heat.


Don’t Forget To Measure!

Of course, you will always want to measure your pool’s length and width before buying. You need to make sure that your solar pool blanket will fully cover the entire water surface for maximum effectiveness. You will be able to trim most solar pool blankets for the best fit.


You’re already using a pool cover to keep your pool clean. Why not give a solar pool blanket a try? You’ll enjoy the added benefits of reduced heating costs and a longer swimming season. Here at Daniel’s Home for Solar Energy, we’ve done the research for you. Just check out our product reviews for solar pool blankets, and make an informed choice that you can feel good about!


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