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Solar Pool Heating – Our Product Picks



Ready to take the first step toward going solar?

So, you’ve done your research and you know that going solar is the best choice for your pool heating needs. You’re ready to start shopping for solar pool heating products! But where do you begin? The product choices that you can find online are endless and can take lots of time to sift through.

Luckily, you’ve got us! Here atĀ Daniel’s Home of Solar Energy, we’ve taken the guesswork out of buying the best solar products for use with your home pool. We’ve already done all of the research for you and chosen the products that we think you will love – and that will give you the best value for your hard-earned money.

On this page, you’ll find everything you need to set up a solar pool heater with all the accessories. We’ve included a few different options for each solar pool heating component, so you can choose the product that best fits your personal needs.

Solar Pool Heaters:

Smartpool SolarArc:

The Smartpool SolarArc pool heater installs easily right alongside your existing pool filtration system. It’s special “HiFlo” design means that you won’t need to buy an additional bypass kit. The SolarArc pool heater is compact, with adjustable legs so that you can position it at the best angle to catch the sunlight. One Smartpool SolarArc unit can raise your pool’s temperature up to five degrees over two days – but these units can be installed in line to get even warmer water temperatures! And a price range below $200 makes the Smartpool SolarArc a very economical choice for your pool heating needs. This heater works well in both inground and above ground pools.

Blue Wave Solar Curve:

The Blue Wave Solar Curve heater is marketed for above ground pools specifically. This solar pool heater has an aesthetic curved shape, is lightweight, and is easy to install. The Blue Wave Solar Curve heater hooks right up to your pool’s filtration system. You can stack units to increase the heating output, but on its own, one Blue Wave Solar Curve unit can heat a 30-foot above ground pool five degrees in up to five days. This model does not come with a bypass kit, which will need to be purchased separately if you plan on linking units. You can purchase a Blue Wave Solar Curve for under $300 – far less than you’ll pay to heat your pool with a gas or electric heater throughout the swimming season!

Fafco Deluxe:

The Fafco Deluxe solar pool heater may just be our favorite option for above ground pool heating needs. It can be mounted on a roof or positioned on the ground – and is twice the size of comparable solar pool heaters for above ground pools. Because of its larger scale, the Fafco Deluxe is capable of raising the temperature of an above ground pool by ten degrees! It’s made of durable polyethylene and even comes with a ten-year warranty. Best of all, this solar pool heater is as affordable as it is efficient – you can purchase the Fafco Deluxe for under $200. The only potential drawback of the Fafco Deluxe solar pool system is its size. But if you have the space for the two twenty-foot solar collectors that come with this system, this may be the right system for you!

SmartPool Sunheater:

The SmartPool Sunheater solar pool heating system is a good choice for both in-ground and above ground pools, up to forty feet square. This system is capable of raising your pool’s temperature by ten degrees – in only twelve hours. Left to run longer, the SmartPool Sunheater can raise your pool’s water temperature by a whopping fifteen degrees! The solar collector panel on this pool is lightweight and durable. The Sunheater system comes with everything you need – connectors, direct flow system, and all required hardware. This solar pool heater works wonderfully, and can greatly extend your swimming season! However, the Sunheater is considerably more difficult to install than other modelsĀ and does take up a lot of space – about eighty square feet, in two twenty-foot long panels. Some pool owners may require professional assistance to install this pool heating system. But once it is up and running, the SmartPool Sunheater does not disappoint!


The SunQuest solar pool heating system is designed for smaller in-ground pools and spas up to fifteen feet square. The SunQuest solar collectors come with a fifteen-year warranty and are capable of raising the temperature of your pool up to fifteen degrees. The two solar panels are a manageable size, measuring ten feet long and two feet wide. The SunQuest system comes with all necessary connectors and hardware. But perhaps the best quality of the SunQuest solar pool heater is this: you can have it fully installed and working within one hour! This system boasts very simple and straightforward installation, while using advanced materials that withstand the test of time. At under $300, the SunQuest is a great option for smaller pools.

Kokido Keops Solar Dome:

The Kokido Keops Solar Dome pool heater is significantly different than the other solar pool heaters on our list. This pool heater is only two feet square, giving it the smallest footprint of our featured solar pool heating systems. Despite its smaller size, a single Kokido Keops Solar Dome is capable of heating pools up to twelve feet! You can easily attach two or more of these solar domes to heat larger pools. While not the most effective solar pool heater out there, the Kokido Keops Solar Dome is definitely one of the most portable, compact, and affordable solar pool heaters you can get. At under $100 for one unit, this is a great option for smaller budgets and smaller pools.



Solar Collectors:



Solar Pool Blankets:

Amerimerc Blue:

The Amerimerc Blue Solar Cover is made for above ground pools, and measures twelve feet in diameter. It is the smallest solar pool blanket produced by Amerimerc. Made from polyethylene, this solar pool blanket is eight millimeters thick. This is considerably thinner than other solar pool blankets, which makes the Amerimerc Blue a manageable option for one person to install and remove. The Amerimerc Blue solar cover features an insulating layer of air bubbles, covered on top by a UV-protective layer that makes this solar pool cover resist damage caused by constant sun exposure. As the name suggests, this solar pool blanket is blue. While the color does look nice on pools and is preferred by many pool owners, it is important to remember that the efficiency of the solar pool blanket is reduced by this coloring. However, the Amerimerc Blue solar cover is still considerably more effective at retaining heat than a black or silver pool cover.

Blue Wave:




Solar Pool Rings and Mats:




Liquid Solar Covers:




Plumbing and Other Accessories:




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