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Solar Pool Pump

Why do you need a solar pool pump? If you follow the advice here on this page to expose your pool water to the sun using the idea of enlarging the exposed surface area to heat the pool – or cool it – you will get great results.

But now that you save on the heating costs, do not forget that the pool pump is often the second largest item on your monthly utility bill (No. 1 is Air Conditioning).

And you still have the problem of how to pump the water into the heat collector. Since you want it to look neat and tidy and also want to cool your home in the same instant, you will want to install it on your roof, don’t you? And you still need to filter the water…

So you will still need a pump to do this. But have a look at photovoltaic pumps…

These pumps use the sun actively to generate electricity. By that you do not need to buy the electricity anymore to power your pump. The sun gives you all you need. So you need solar panels, a good pump which can use the photovoltaic energy and some installation.

Solar Pool Pump Video

Check out this video to learn more:

This video shows the installation of a pool pump with photovoltaic panels. Now combine this with a passive use of solar energy by using the sunlight directly to heat up your pool water and you are free of any monthly costs for your pool.

And as a side effect need less air conditioning, since the sun’s energy on your roof is partly absorbed by the panels and the pool water. Take into consideration that your pump may need some more power for pumping the water up to your roof though.

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