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Solar Pool Rings – Alternative Solar Pool Cover and Homemade Solar Pool Heater?

Your pool looses most of its heat on the surface – are Solar Pool Rings a helpful invention?

solar pool rings or solar blanket
Snake on Pool Cover © Steve Jurvetson/flickr

Your pool looses about 80 % of all temperature loss every day by evaporation.

So putting a blanket, especially a solar blanket, over the pool at night or when not in use is the first order of business.

But many people are getting upset by the hassle a blanket can entail.

Say, a snake welcoming in you in the morning…?

The idea about Solar Pool Rings

I would for sure postpone my morning dive in the pool and directly proceed to my latte 😉

So some guys have come up with the idea of Solar Pool Rings.

Here you do not put a blanket over your pool covering 100 %, but let little rings swim on your pool by that covering between 60-80 % of the surface.

The idea is that they collect solar power at daylight and so increase the pool’s temperature (solar pool heating) and reduce evaporation at night, so that over time your pool heats up without further heating.

This sounds pretty simple and shows a lot of advantages – and disadvantages.

For some this is a great product and invention, claiming that it saves them a lot of time and energy.

There seem to be different product qualities out there, so be sure to check that you buy the one with the good ratings.

One of the benefits of having amazon as your dealer is that they show actual customer comments. Some claim these are cleaned up sometimes, but in my experience it is a quite reliable system.

So, having no pool I cannot test them now. I assume – since they all bought the same product – that those with a negative review either had wrong expectations or didn’t follow the obviously hard to do instructions to the T.

So perhaps Solar Pool Rings may or may not be a solution for you. Test ’em!

And if you have your own experiences with them, please share here with us – take the form below…

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