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Solar Power Battery Charger – Solar Powered Cell Phone Charger, RV Solar Panels

Solar Power Battery Charger

What is a Solar Power Battery Charger?

Wouldn’t it be great to use Solar Power to run your mobile gadgets, Notebooks, Laptops and even your boat or mobile RV home (well, at least the electricity – for the engine check out hydrogen car kit)?

And this is absolutely possible.

The idea is to charge a battery with the electricity harvested from the sun. This power is then collected in a battery pack – big or small, for mobiles or for RVs.

So this is a perfect technology for off-grid – in this case mobile – gadgets…

There are backpacks with solar cells on it to reload the mobile device(s) you are travelling – and working – with.

With a Solar Battery charging tool you can go camping and still use your notebook or listen to your ipod, or power the radio on your boat or RV.

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DIY Solar Charger

Want to build your own Charger? Well, then you need some circuits next to the solar panels themselves…you do not want to fry your -say-ipod, do you?

It will still be some way until you really can charge your high-demand laptop directly from the sun…live!

But I am sure in some years that will be normal.

But what you can do today is charge the batteries, so that you power your gadgets by solar-powered battery kits.

Not perfect, but a great solution if you are on the road in your RV…

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