Solar Power for Homes

How can You use Solar Power for Homes? And why should you?

With dramatically rising energy costs – and in our opinion we are just seeing the beginning – everybody does or will ask him/herself the question how to get off this rollercoaster and off the grid.

And the grid itself has high financial liabilities and risks. Have you ever thought about what maintaining the grid alone itself costs annually? Well, a lot! And you come up for these costs, by paying your electricity bill.

In Europe these maintenance cost are also included in your natural gas bill. Even if you consumed 0 (as in zero) cubic-meters of natural gas per year, you still would get a huge bill – only to keep the system running. And the older the grid gets, the higher these costs.

For more reasons to become energy independent read our Solar Powered Generator page.

You see, even without rising costs for energy itself and with our prediction of Earth’s coming cooling period, there are many reasons to become self-sustaining and independent. So we come to the question: “How can we use solar power for our Homes?”.

Glad you asked! This page you are on now is just about that.

If you are serious about getting of the grid and becoming self-reliant, you need to see these DIY Solar Power Videos by Solar Energy Pioneer Bob Nagy

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So, how can you add solar power for homes? Well, you can start with small things, like a Solar Powered Water Pump. Or with a Solar Water Fountain Pump.

Why Solar Power for homes gets cheaper by the day

If you follow the solar energy industry, you will know that the price per kilowatt-hour has fallen now for many years. How is that compared to what we see at our local gas station?

Solar Power for Homes
Solar Power for Homes

The economy of scale (the more people buy something, the more companies produce and invest in new technologies, the cheaper the product becomes) and technical innovation promise that the more people switch from dying fossil fuels to renewable power sources, the cheaper it gets for everyone.

Solar technology by that becomes more and more efficient and producing solar panels cheaper and cheaper. And once you have made the initial investment of installing solar power for homes, every watt of power you consume is free from now on – while staying on the grid would mean to come up for all the investments, decay and errors of the past.

Why you should use Solar Power for Homes

So is investing in Home Solar Power Systems a good idea? Or just today’s “zeitgeist” way to waste your money?

Let us proceed by providing you with instructions about how to calculate the size of the solar system you would need and what effect the installation might even have on the value of your house. Because some report that house prices tend to rise when a solar power system makes the owner independent from the grid.

To begin with you need to know how much “sun sails” -Solar Panels – you need to become independent.

So check your worldwide location with this calculator: Here you get an overview of how much solar energy is available in your place, and what different solar systems would likely produce.

This is a tool for the European Union:

The Solar Panel Costs

Now that you know how many solar panels (energy production) you need, let’s have a look what the cost is. Have a look at what factors determine Solar Panel Cost at all? Note that the Cost of Solar Panels differ between doing it yourself (see DIY Solar Power) and buying Retail Solar Panels. If you want to buy Retail Solar Panels yourself, go to Solar Panels for Sale to find yourself a good deal.

But buying the panels is not all. For example, you still need a tool to turn the DC current coming from the sun into AC, which is what your appliances use.

Solar Power for Homes costs

For this you need an inverter. Oh, and have you thought about storing the energy? Because you will agree that you will need most of the energy in the evenings, when there is no sunshine.

There exist different possibilities, and it gets a bit complicated. On the one hand, you could completely go off grid and install a battery.

On the other hand, you can make use of an incentive many countries force their utilities to offer: Have the meter run backwards when they have to buy the electricity you produce. Then at night, you just buy back back from the grid what you need. So the grid is kind of the battery.

Very nice idea. And makes sense in case the grid will not deteriorate further and become more costly every year.

So, we think we covered the information basic you need. Now it is time you got yourself an expert and a quote, someone who will have to give a guarantee that the system works. By the way: You should also ask them about Leasing the Solar System and compare the two offers for , especially if you wouldn’t have a system installed otherwise

Be sure to check for Energy Tax Credits

Because many governments want to lower the carbon footprint the countries leave our children, many incentives are given to consumers of Renewable Power sources. So ask the installer for any tax rebates.

PS.: Having read the introduction to Solar Power for Homes, Make Sure you Check out the Newly Arrived Solar Panel Installation Trainings!

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