Solar Powered Generator

Solar Powered Generator – Prepare with Emergency Solar Power for Homes

Prepare and feel Secure with a Solar Powered Generator. Even if you are not a Prepper, a solar power generator could be a lifesaver for you and your family!

We at HomeofSolarenergy expect energy and fuel prices to explode in and on themselves, even without any other major influences like Global Cooling. And there are those who even expect the predictable future lack of cheap energy to start uprisings.

Or what happens if – a prediction we just read in an investors’ newsletter – Russia stopped the natural gas deliveries to Europe? They did this three times since the Berlin Wall came down.

Be Prepared with Solar Generators

Solar Powered Generator
Solar Powered Generator

Because for energy Europe nearly completely depends on Russia’s goodwill – treaties or not. What happens if no natural gas for heating the homes were coming through the pipes, because Russia – or any transit country between Russia and Western Europe – simply stopped the flow? For example for political reasons?

If Russia did as much as simply switch off the natural gas supply in a winter like 2009/2010, experts estimate that the devastation would reach war-like dimensions in Europe.

What if you couldn’t use your car anymore, because the filling stations need a filling first? Historically nothing new – think 1973.

Some expect the financial system to take a blow. Anytime soon. So what happens when the currency you own is not accepted by your utility companies anymore? Or inflation is rampant, and energy gets 50 %, 100%, 1000% more expensive every day? Every hour (as happened in Germany 1923 – called Hyperinflation)?

Oh, by the way, then it will probably be forbidden to own any gold also – happened also before. The US President then was Roosevelt.But that is another story.

Even if “only” the energy prices explode – which is certain for us – and colder winters cut power lines and increase energy demand..?

How can you still have enough power for your home then? What then if any of these scenarios leads to uprisings? Destroying the power lines? Well, sure, if these worst case scenarios do happen, energy will only be one of our problems.

But if you owned a Solar Power Generator, these problems would be impacting you and your family much less. You would be very happy then to own a Generator employng the sun – or even better more than one.

Emergency Solar Powered Generators for your Home

Even if you do not want to go off-grid with solar power for your homes and do not believe in energy price explosion, you should think about getting a Solar Power Generator for the very likely case of “normal” future power outages.

The New York City Office of Emergency Management suggests:

While prolonged power disruptions occur infrequently, it’s always a good idea to be prepared. In addition to the items you keep in your Emergency Supply Kit, consider storing a battery-operated lantern and freezer packs to help keep food cold during a power outage. See Food Supply Preparation for more information about preparing your food supply for an emergency.

A Solar Powered Generator is the ideal answer to all these scenarios – at least where running your lights and radio and some heating is concerned.

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