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The Solar Powered Battery Charger – How to get your gadgets off the Grid

Independence Day with a Solar Powered Battery Charger – be prepared for power outages or just Sail the World

With a Solar Powered Battery Charger you can go sailing the world and still use your laptop, iphone, ipod and electric heater – free of charge.

Or you can stay in contact with the world in the middle of a Power Outage

For bigger appliances than your mobile or Notebook like heating or fridge see my section on the Solar Power Generator

So if you have smaller technical stuff and want to have a free reliable and infinite source of energy, then a Solar Battery Charger is what you would want to own.

How to charge your Mobile with Solar Power?

So why do you need a Solar Power Battery Charger?

Your mobile technical gadgets need much less energy than your fridge (it needs a real generator), so smaller panels are absolutely efficient.

Most of your iphones and ipods and ipads will use 12V

So check out more information about Solar Panel 12v.

And in case you wonder how to make or buy a Solar ipod Charger to keep listening to your favorite music on your next world sailing trip, have a look here.

And read my report about the Solio Solar Charger product family.

The Solar Trickle Charger Interview

To give you an impression about how using these Solar Battery Chargers feels like, I interviewed an expert.

Expert Steve Paine solar power for homes expert steve

Steve Paine from is an expert on Solar Powered Gadgets and I interview him about his experiences and suggestions in my Solar Trickle Charger interview.

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