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Solar Powered Generator – A good step towards Solar Power for Homes – or ipod?

Who should use a Solar Powered Generator?

Does a Solar Powered Generator make sense for you? And what actually does such a thing do?

Flaming Power Outage in Longfellow © edkohler 2007/flickr solar powered generator for outages

Especially if you live in rural areas, there are many reasons to think about buying a Solar Powered Generator.

Even if right now you get 100% of your electricity from a utility company, many have experienced power outages during blizzards or storms.

But even big cities like New York only know too well how it feels to be without power.

No subway, no light, no telephone…

Oh, and fuel pumps run on electricity, too.

So even if you own a power generator running on gas, during a longer power outage you would, well, get a glimpse on how “peak oil” will feel like.

Not to mention that you cannot run a gas generator in your home, case you need it there for the fridge.

In many countries the electric grid is so old and over strained that a single, minor problem can lead to power outages in the whole country.

No, even if you do not believe that hard times like riots or a global cooling are ahead: with our energy grid aging and trying to satisfy still rising demands reliably, sooner or later power outages can and will hit nearly everyone.

This is another disadvantage of being dependent on the grid: If you have a power outage, there is a high likelihood that your whole neighborhood or even region will be affected.

In cases of natural disasters the government will have a hard time to supply the population with food and medicine… without power lines no chance for electricity.

In big cities it will be more likely to get government support, but you and potentially million others need assistance at the same time.

If you live in a rural area, chances are you will not see a government official bringing support anytime soon.

And if you have not switched to Solar Power for Homes or a similar off-grid energy-source and still are on-grid, you will be off-line like all your neighbors.

In this case a stand-alone generator makes big sense.

And especially a Solar Powered Generator will be your best choice. You are off-grid, the power source is free and infinite.

Most power failures in the US happen during the summer, when the grid is under strain from ACs. This is ideal for a solar generator.

But even in winter, as long there is some light, you can generate enough energy to stay alive.

And these generators come with a battery pack, so that you will have some light in the dark.

Solar Power Battery Charger

But even if you do not want to prepare for an emergency, a solar power battery charger can help you in your everyday off-grid life.

For example, check out the Solio Solar Charger product family.


I would say that these generators make a lot of sense in rural areas.

I am more sceptic in big cities. If your window does not have enough sun exposure, well, maybe the generator does not help you. At least you should check if you get enough sun in your flat before buying such a generator.

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