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Solar Powered Water Pump – own Pond or Fountain? Can you save Money using them?

The Solar Powered Water Pump

What are the Pros and Cons of a Solar Powered Water Pump?

A Solar Pump can be a good idea. But it can also be much more costly than simply using the power from your utility company.

It sounds like a great thought, doesn’t it? Unplug your garden fountain, pond or pool pump and replace it with a Solar Device.

Hmmm… well, I would think again.

What I heard and learned is that often these things are not much more reliable than toys.

I often hear that only after a few months the pumps often break down. And then you are left with the problem of the HAZMAT batteries (if the ‘toy’ had any).

And even if they do not break down, the return on investment (the time until you actually start to save money with the pump) is to be measured in decades, not days.

Also, remember that you only have so much daylight/sun hours a day, and perhaps some time at night due to the batteries.

But especially the batteries seem to be the weak part. But perhaps my suggestion at Solar Water Fountain Pump is an alternative for you?

So especially for pond keepers, solar powered is no real alternative. You may use them for fun or to feel better and greener, but do not solely rely on them.

And if you really need 24/7 reliable pumps, for example for your fish, do not even think about switching to solar pumps.

Not only because of reliability or the impossible return on investment, but also because your fish wouldn’t survive long.

And real pond keepers with fish need real power. Something about 5-10 kWh per day.

You would need quite some solar panels to power that, and at night you would need to stand next to your panles all night and illuminate them with torches :).

And what happens during bad weather? You would be holding the torches during the day and rain…

No, Solar Powered Water Pumps are no alternative if you need any reliable performance.

With today’s state of battery technology and ability of the panels to transform light into electricity (effectivity) do not think about buying them for saving money or becoming independent.

If you only want to play and have some fun, or use them additionally, go for it. But do not put your fish or pond at stake by relying solely on Solar Pumps.

Am I wrong? Do you have made better – reliable – experiences with solar powered water pumps?

Share with us, please? What did you do differently?

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