Solar Roof Shingles by Eastpole/flickr

Solar Roof Shingles – Just Roll out your new flexible Solar Shingles and Start Saving

The new flexible Solar Roof Shingles are the ideal way to employ Solar Energy for Homes for you. Save money without the normal high cost and without having to put huge Solar Panels onto your Roof.

These flexible solar shingles are an exciting new development, letting you roll out your solar panels just like a carpet on your roof. Actually, some even call them “laminate”, like the favorite flooring many homeowners use. These shingles nearly cannot break and are very endurable.

Solar Roof Shingles by Eastpole/flickr
Solar Roof Shingles by Eastpole/flickr

One of the most known brands producing these flexible solar shingles is Uni-Solar, a trademark/subsidary of German Mega-Giant BASF

We do not know if who originally invented the flexible solar Shingles, but their products are on the roofs of big company names like Tesco in California, Volkswagen in Germany (on the biggest car plant in the world, by the way) and Coca-Cola Bottling in LA.

Since these flexible shingles are so easily installed (just rolled over the roof, no matter what size or form), I predict that they will gain market share quickly.

And since they are so easily installed, it makes getting off grid for you much cheaper.

Solar Roof Shingles Testimonial Video

Below you find a testimonial of a very happy customer of these solar shingles. This guy plans to put them on his motorhome, by the way also a very interesting application.

I couldn’t be happier…Money well spent!
mredsayshi on youtube

So these solar mats make you much more flexible in how to farm solar energy. also they are much lighter than the standard solar panels. So our advice is to have a look at them. A very good way to investigate a product like that is to read other customer’s reviews. And a good place to do that in our opinion is (your local) Amazon webshop. Make sure you especially read the negative U(if any) reviews.

We did some research on our own about solar roof shingles and our advice is: You should check them out!

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