Roof Solar Shingles – Integrate Solar Panels for Homes into the Building

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Solar Shingles are the ideal way to employ Solar Energy for Homes and save money big time without the normal high cost of Solar Panels.

Practically they are nothing else than Photovoltaic Shingles, meaning €™normal, non-suspiciously, ordinary looking shingles, only that these are, well, producing electricity for your home.

They also look much more aesthetic on your roof than the classic Solar Panels. They imitate the classic asphalt look of your existing shingles.But there is also an exciting new development of flexible €™Roof Shingles. These are like laminate you can put on your roof, where they instantly start to collect solar energy.

Solar Shingles - Integrate Solar Panels for Homes into your Roof (thanks to flickr - eastpole)
Solar Shingles – Integrate Solar Panels for Homes into your Roof (thanks to flickr – eastpole)

These do not have to be inserted into the existing roof. They are just rolled over any roof, are nearly indestructible and an excellent application for flat roofs, as many European cities have a lot of them.

So if you are in the market for a new roof anyway or want to follow our advice and think about ways to save on grid-energy, we recommend that you check this option.

Solar Shingles The Downside

The only downside we can see is that they actually – to us – do not look very pretty.

But hey, they are productive and save you quite some money over time. Perhaps they even protect you roof from too much exposure? At least they will protect your roof from too much sun. On the other hand you need to make sure, that the roof will not be damp below these mats all the time.

Nothing is more detrimental to a building than constant dampness, except perhaps for fire. So make sure your installer knows what he is doing.

But back to the solar shingles roof laminate: Our suggestion is to check out your local amazon webshop to make up your mind – read the reviews, especially read the negative ones!

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