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Solar Swimming Pool Heaters – Some Basics about Swimming Pool Solar Panels

Solar Swimming Pool Heaters – Some Basics about Swimming Pool Solar Panels: Solar Swimming Pool Heaters help you save Money. Actually Swimming pool Solar Panels are the most effective Solar Energy Application. Have a look at your utility bill.

Depending on where you live I bet your electric pool heater has a drastic impact on the total? Am I right? Or do you heat with natural gas? Then I would also be willing to put some money on you paying a lot for heating your pool.

How do Solar Swimming Pool Heaters work

A pool Solar Water Heater System consists of four main parts:

  1. the solar pool heater collector(s)
  2. the filter
  3. the pump
  4. the control valve to control the flow

1. The Collector(s)

Solar Swimming Pool Heaters Collector Diagram
Courtesy US Department of Energy – in Public Domain

The Solar Collector is the “heart” of our Solar Pool Heater system. Since “heat” is abundantly included in solar rays and much more easily harvested than electricity, we can keep this real simple.

See, the most efficient way to harvest solar energy is “passive”. This means that we do not need expensive equipment to turn solar rays into electricity, but can very easily let the sun heat up the water within the Solar Swimming Pool Heaters‘ Collector.

So the basic idea is to pump colder water through a rubber mat exposed to the sun – our Swimming Pool Heater Solar Collector. This means that all we need to make sure is that we use some quality rubber that is able to stand the exposure to the sun 12 hours a day for many years. If you have a soft side for DIY and think about building a Solar Pool Heater yourself, perhaps my friend Rob’s suggestion “Enersol” is something for you…?

2. Solar Pool Heater Filters

I think this is self-explaining and you probably already have one: A filter. The filter takes out any debris to protect the pump and now also the Collector. If you already own a filter you should make sure that it is efficient enough to also protect the new collector – though this stuff is very robust 😉

But to make sure that you can use your old one or if you need a new one, again ask the expert Rob…and best wishes:)

3. Solar Pool Pump

Well, since the idea is that colder water from your pool is pumped through the collectors on your roof to heat it (btw. if you live in a very hot area you can actually cool down your pool with this method at night), you obviously need a pump.

It makes also sense to think about an automatic control of the pump or at least an automated valve control to make sure that water is only pumped through the collectors if there is a big enough temperature difference between the pool and the water in the collector.

No use to waste electricity for the pump if no heating up(or cooling at night for that matter) is attainable.

(By the way: You already had the idea to run the pump on Solar Power, didn’t you? 😉

So No. 4 is

4. The Valve for Solar Pool Heaters

Well, the valve, as we have seen plays an important role in regulating the temperature of your pool and – if applied cleverly – in saving you even more money.

Since there are so many options for a valve I again suggest you ask Rob about the right product for you.

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