Solar Water Fountain Pump – Your Garden more fun with Solar Powered Water Pump

The Solar Water Fountain Pump – A residential Solar System to have Solar Powered Water Fountains in your Garden – Fun for you, all (your) kids and your pets!

Many of us have Fountains in their garden. And they are fun, aren’t they?

A fountain is often very relaxing. Recreative. Just exactly what the doctor ordered.

And when it is hot, birds love to refresh on your fountain…

So it is more than just a landscaping addition … it is part of your home, your castle.

solar water fountain pump
© Squigfried/flickr

Did you know that water fountains actually were a privilege of the rich in ancient times? They used it also as the social meeting point.

Well, I do not know about you, but today I wouldn’t want to meet my neighbors at the fountain in my garden. I would prefer to be alone with my family.

And for sure they had much more technical problems to solve then to actually get the water flowing than we do today.

Today the only problem with normal fountains is that they need energy and they need cabling to run on that energy – and sure, now and then they need to be cleaned also.

And paying a company to deliver the energy to your doorstep…or better your power plugs…

So to save paying for the energy and the running cabling through your garden switching to a Solar powered water fountain can absolutely make sense.

solar water fountain pump panel
© 2009 James Horecka, AIA

Especially since the energy demand of modern fountains and pumps is not very high, so the Solar Water Fountain Pump can be powered by the sun alone for some hours a day.

At night or if it is very clouded the pump does not get enough energy to work.

So remember a solar Water fountain pump only works for some hours a day, depending on where you live and the time of year more or less…

But: If you do not insist on the fountain’s bubbling sound in the middle of the night, this is an ideal application of residential solar power.

So at night you would need an additional regular electric pump.

solar water fointain pump for kois
© 2009 James Horecka, AIA

And if you want to use it for your Koi breeding, it will not be enough, either.

Actually, the photographer of the image on the right – James – told me that his Kois would be dead in the water quickly if he relied on Solar Water Pumps alone…the work is done by standard grid-fed pump – because they are more reliable.

The pond you see above is powered by a solar pump and two conventional ones.

Downsides of Solar Water Fountain Pumps

On the other hand it seems that the problem with the paneled Solar Water Fountain pumps is not so much the panel, but the batteries.

These break very quickly and easily and then you have HAZ MAT at home and the problem to get rid of it legally.

In Germany this is not an issue because of a well established recycling system, but in the US it can get you thinking how to get it out of your garage without breaking any rules.

But perhaps I have an idea for you: go check out ‘Restore my Battery‘. This will help solve your problem, save you money and save nature…

Because of the high incidence of battery failures and leaving the HAZ MAT issues aside, buying new batteries to keep ie. solar lights going can really make using this technology too costly and degrade them to toy status.

So my opinion is that if you have some sun and a fountain, it makes absolutely sense to get a Solar Water Fountain Pump. And if you really need it 24/7 you will for sure need an additional, conventional electric pump.

James – the photographer – is very experienced with solar tools (or toys) and would not solely rely on them. Though others will make other experiences, he told me:

Everything has side effects; a few of which we can predict, most of which, especially over the long-term, we cannot.

So share with us: What are your experiences with Solar Fountains?

Please share ’em with us:

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