Solio Solar Charger – Sleek, Sophisticated and Green-Friendly

Solio Solar Charger – How many times have you found yourself in a situation where you needed a charge, but no jack around?

A charge for your phone, GPS, MP3 player or camera, that is. Often as not, just when you need to use your phone, you will see the battery start to flash and your phone will sound that familiar chime that informs you that your time is up. The battery is going dead and you are nowhere near a charger connection.

Charge Your Device with Solar Energy from the Train, the Beach or while Camping

What if you could charge your phone while sitting on the beach enjoying the sun and the sand? A Solar charger will allow you to charge your phone and virtually any other device no matter how remote the location. This is a solar powered device that soaks up the power of the sun and holds it up to a whole year so it is ready when you need it and it will not overcharge.

How does the Solio Solar charger work?

  • The charger contains an internal 1650 Amh Lithium-Ion battery for long life plus 3 high efficiency solar cells.
  • The Solio also has a 5-6V, 800mA output range. In addition, it comes with an optional wall charger.
  • When you need to charge it simply fold out the blades and let it soak up the power of the sun.

Of course, for optimum charging it must be perpendicular to the sun and in the direct rays. This may require adjustment as the sun changes positions throughout the day. The Solio contains a red light that remains on when it is being charged.

  • The Solio charger even has a handy gauge that measures the level of the charge as it is being powered by the sun.

The level can be determined by pushing the start button. The charger will flash a green light from 1 to 5 times, with 5 being a full charge. Each flash indicates a percentage level starting with 1, which is 20%.

  • When you need to use it the Solio charger will charge at the same rate as your wall charger and has a charge output, a multi-function LED light and start button.

Save money and be environmentally friendly

When it comes to the environmental benefits, the Solio charger will reduce the electricity used by other chargers. Replace all your other chargers with this one and save energy and money. Did you know that a wall charger uses electricity even when nothing is being charged if it is connected to an electrical outlet?

The design is earth-friendly; it can be easily taken apart for recycling. It contains materials such as gold, silver and copper that can be used when the device is recycled. If there is not a center near you that will take the charger when it is ready to recycle, you can simply send it to Solio and they will make certain that it is recycled.

Probably the best part of using the Solio Solar charger besides doing your part by using clean energy is that it is free to charge and free to use to charge your devices.

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