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Top Fuel Efficient Cars – How to find them with and make them with a Hydrogen Car Kit or the Biodiesel Centrifuge. With fuel getting more expensive every year, having Top fuel efficient cars saves a lot of money.

Summary:You can visit fueleconomy if you are in the market for a new car. If you own a diesel, you can also start to switch to homemade Bio Diesel. And for sure you should improve your car’s performance up to 30 % by using a Hydrogen Car Kit.

Introduction:We need our cars. We need the mobility. And the US needs this mobility even much more than European states, where public transport is well developed.

But for too long the industry has developed cars with an unlimited oil supply in mind. And the oil industry still tells the story of neverending oil. I believe this is a lie. What would happen to their shares? What would happen to OPEC countries?

Well, they are right. It is true that we will not run out of oil soon. But it gets more and more expensive to find and produce oil. The companies have to drill deeper and deeper, it gets more and more risky.

The sinking of the Deepwater Horizon and the following disastrous BP Oil Spill (at the time of this writing it seems they are discussing using a nuke to close the broken ocean floor – Hello????!!!)

And by the way the Gulf of Mexico seems to be the last region in the world where we hope to be able to rise the oil production … I wonder if we dare to go even deeper…

So we are living in changing times! What can you do personally to stay mobile?

1. When buying a used/new car check out and search for the most MPG(l/100km). If you need to convert between MPG and l/100km use this tool.

So by starting here you lay a foundation for a fuel saving car.

2. But this is not all: If you buy or already have a diesel powered car (or machine), you should check out the possibility of making your own fuel with Biodiesel Processors or a Biodiesel Centrifuge.

By the way, Diesel Engines have a big advantage to conventional engines: They are more fuel efficient and can run on fuel made from french fries’ fat.

And 3. you should check out pimping your car with a Hydrogen Car Kit. Depending on your engine you can save up to 30 % of fuel, just by adding water into the converter-tank.

If you follow this advice you will have one of the Top Fuel Efficient Cars in your area.

You could also want to check out Hydrogen Car Conversion.

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